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Navigating new social media can be confusing. Between tweets, Facebook posts, Foursquare check-ins, and YouTube videos, your message can get distorted by all the many outlets available these days to share information. It is important to deliver a focused and strategic message that puts your company’s best “tweet” forward. Here are five tips to consider when implementing a social media strategy.

1)   Be Creative

Since your business is competing with millions of content on the World Wide Web, it is imperative for your organization to differentiate from others. This can be a daunting task, but realizing what your business does differently and putting it out for the world to see is a good start.

2)   Start A Conversation

No one wants to be bombarded with ‘Buy my product’ messages. Instead, foster a conversation with your potential customer by providing useful information to them. Establishing a relationship where followers can depend on you for credible news and messages will create a relationship that keeps them coming to you as the expert source in your industry.

3)   Quality vs. Quantity

When embarking on this social media journey, you might be tempted to create an account for each site available. By identify which sites your target customer is on, you will better be able to serve them.

4)   Be Patient

In a perfect world, your posts on these new social mediums would be well received by all and thousands of followers would hang on your every post. But this is the real world, and getting out these messages takes time. You might not get one thousand followers after your first tweet, but you might get ten, and that is a great start.

5)   Practice Makes Perfect
With any new technology, there will be a few missteps. Allow these mistakes to happen and learn from them. Rushing into a social media strategy and then abandoning it just because it doesn’t garner millions of hits after two hours is not proactive. If one message appears to have no effect, reevaluate that message and research new tactics. Your next post will surely be better.


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