Tips to Increase Engagement

Instagram Engagement: 5 Tips to Increase Your Reach On Social Media

Have you noticed a recent drop in your engagement on Instagram? Within the last few months, Instagram has released new updates to the platform. In return, it has caused users to experience a serious drop in reach and engagement. Below are five tips from public relations experts that will help increase Instagram engagement and allow you to continue growing your audience.

1) Engagement is key

First of all, the days of being a silent follower and simply liking photos are over. PR pros advise to take the time to truly engage with content that is relatable and interact with other relevant profiles. When commenting, be mindful to post comments with five or more words. Show the accounts that you are taking the time to engage with them and provide meaningful feedback. Create shareable and relatable content so your followers can do the same. This increases your chances of being on the explore page, boosts your posts within your audiences’ timeline and helps the chances of your post being shared with more of your followers.

The more you engage with others, the more they will engage with you.

2) Utilize Instagram Reels and Engage with Others

And, with the most recent update, Instagram created Reels, a competitor to TikTok. When implementing a new element for the app, Instagram is more likely to increase the reach of those who use it. You can cater to your audience through Reels by creating content that fits your niche. It’s always best to watch and engage with similar content to gain a better understanding and boost visibility.

For a quick guide on Reels check out our last article to see how you should be utilizing the newest Instagram element.

3) Make Sure You are Saving Posts on Instagram

When Instagram announced the possible removal of likes, they made Instagram Saves a success metric. This feature allows you to save posts that you would like to revisit. The more saves you get on a post, the more Instagram will do to be sure your post is seen which will boost engagement. This feature is deemed a “super like” because it helps with your algorithm and increases the chance of more followers seeing your posts. In order to increase the number of saves, create shareable content with a call to action, relevant information or a great visual.

Here is a link that will help you think of more creative ways to create shareable content.

4) Engage with and Research Hashtags

In addition, never underestimate the power of a hashtag. Public relations services can provide insight into using hashtags since it is often overlooked. Seven to 12 hashtags is seen to be the sweet spot per post. Well, what should your seven to 12 hashtags be? Following trending hashtags in your field is a great way to see what is working for similar accounts and will give ideas for other relevant tags. Creating a branded hashtag for your posts can also maximize exposure and engagement.

5) Microblogging Facilitates Engagement

Say bye to one sentence captions. Longer captions are more appreciated and can better resonate with your audience. These longer captions are reminiscent of blogs which is why it can be considered “microblogging”. Opening up to your audience and creating another way for them to engage will always be beneficial, especially when your goal is to increase engagement and establish your brand’s online presence.

A local public relations company can tell a story for your brand to help with establishment. Longer captions will help you tell your story in depth and will make your audience want to engage and anticipate your upcoming posts.

Overall, increasing your engagement may seem like a daunting task, but with consistency, it can be done. When trying these tips out, make sure you’re taking note of your popular posts. With the notes, you will notice patterns and what your audience likes.