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Considering hiring a PR agency but aren’t quite sure what they can do for you? We’ve broken down a PR agency’s major roles and how they can help promote your business. 

PR agencies, as opposed to advertising, promote companies or people byway of media coverage. A key component of this is that the media is “free” or “earned” – such as online or print articles, magazine features, and TV segments – rather than “paid media” such as advertisements. 

Though PR agencies and advertising agencies share the same goals – promoting their clients – their paths to generating buzz are vastly different. Above all, the main advantage of working with a PR agency is that your “earned media” which contains third-party validation is more likely to be trusted and respected by the public over paid advertisements that have been crafted and carefully packaged. 

Some services a PR agency can provide include:
  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Write pitches and distribute to journalists
  • Create and execute events designed for community outreach and media coverage
  • Copywriting and blogging for SEO purposes 
  • Crisis PR strategies
  • Social media management
  • Expert positioning
  • Speech writing and media training
  • Conduct market research

A business should hire a PR agency when wanting to protect, enhance, or build their reputation in the community through the media. A PR agency should be able to analyze the business, find positive messages and translate them into positive media stories. Likewise, when the news is negative, a publicist should be able to formulate the best response to mitigate the damage. 

Something that defines a good publicist is their strong relationships with many different journalists in many different markets and industries. Furthermore, another key component of this is the publicist’s ability to effectively pitch reporters and editors your businesses newsworthy story. 

Interested in hiring a PR agency? Visit our services page to learn more about what The PR Boutique can do for your business and give us a call today.


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A Good Idea for Good Ideas – Houston TX. Considering hiring a PR agency? We’ve broken down a PR agency’s major roles and how they can hel

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