Hillary McCleod

#nervousbutexcited BY Hillary McCleod

#nervousbutexcited BY Hillary McCleod, intern with The PR Boutique Austin

In March I accepted an internship in a city I had never been to that was 1332 miles away from my small hometown in North Carolina. Although internships only last for the summer, I decided to take a chance.

I gathered up my belongings and moved to Austin, the most eccentric city I will ever call home. I’ve only been here for three full days but based on the delicious food I have devoured I may never leave.

Thank goodness this is an active city! I am so excited for everything Austin has to offer – the upcoming X Games (just bought my ticket!), the various lakes, the awesome food, the live music scene, and so much more.

Now on to the reason I am here – the PR Boutique.

I was a little nervous before my first day but everyone in the office was so welcoming, friendly, and energetic. Based on the people alone, I know I am going to love working here.

I am fairly new to the PR world, but Gretchen and Lesley have been more than helpful in teaching me their ways. I am sure by the end of the summer I will know what it takes to run a successful PR firm.

Although I am far away from anything familiar, I know this is the place for me. I look forward to learning the ins and outs of PR as well as exploring the city of Austin in the months to come. I told my parents before I left that next time they see me I might be a little weirder, but only time will tell.

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