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The Importance of Reporting [New Research]

For businesses with PR and marketing strategies in place, it is vital to establish thorough reporting methods to track the effectiveness of all efforts. In doing so, your business is ensuring that the dollars and time spent on any one tactic is fulfilling its ROI. This also helps to eliminate ineffective methods as quickly as possible, therefore reducing excessive costs. 

What We Do

As a PR agency, our team has established standard reporting documents. In addition, we build unique templates for each of our clients’ needs. We update these as often as weekly in order to track our efforts and demonstrate the success or shortcomings of particular strategies. Example reports include social media engagement, activity reports, and website traffic tracking. These reports are vital tools for our internal communication and strategy building. They also assist demonstrate our efforts to our clients in a tangible way. 

Report It All

In addition to our own reporting efforts, it is essential that our clients establish internal reporting methods as well. The reporting from the client end allows us to follow leads and track ROI. It helps determine if our efforts are converting into sales or new business, and if so, which are most effective. 

Here’s an Example. . .

A great example of how reporting is essential from both an agency and client standpoint is tracking new business inquiries. If the client is able to track where new business is coming from by asking where the customer heard about them, a PR or marketing firm is then able to use this data to determine if social media ads are successful, if community outreach is effective and much more. 

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