PR Services Offered

If you’ve never worked with a PR agency before you may be asking yourself “what do they do?” and “does my business need one?”  Though our skill sets are broad, to sum it up in one sentence, PR agencies promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage. As an agency, our goal is to seek out and disseminate newsworthy information to the media and public with the intention of achieving free or “earned” media coverage. 

Although this is a vital element of a PR agency, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to our skillsets. At The PR Boutique, we are a full-service public relations agency which means that we are able to offer our clients everything from traditional media relations all the way to social media management, event marketing, influencer relations, community outreach and more. Our mission is to share your story and make your brand newsworthy. 

At The PR Boutique, we understand that public relations is not one-size-fits-all. We approach each client with the specific tools and services that we believe will be the most effective. Visit our website to learn more about the public relations services offered at The PR Boutique and how they could benefit your business.