Media Training: Do You Need It?

Media training is an important and highly effective step in developing the skills necessary to get your message across succinctly and with impact. Not only is becoming an effective spokesperson important for your brand, but it also helps leverage you as an industry expert. Once you become an established, trusted source with the media, they will continue to turn to you for expert commentary on your field. Below are several reasons why you should consider media training before your next PR push.

Learn to Speak with Confidence

A major benefit of media training is that it can help you overcome your insecurities and teach you to speak with confidence. During an interview, viewers are not only listening to your words but they are also interpreting your body language and facial expressions. By developing your interview skills and speaking confidently you will find interviews to be one of the most powerful forms of exposure for your business. 

Prepare for Difficult Questions

Often, clients will only prepare talking points for the topics they would like to discuss but will overlook difficult questions. Media training can teach you how to respond to difficult questions with grace and avoid putting yourself in tricky situations. Additionally, you will learn how to incorporate your key talking points into your responses allowing you to control the narrative. 

Controlling the Narrative

When you’re the one being interviewed, it can seem like you have little power to control the narrative. Media training will quickly teach you that you are in control of the interview. You’ll understand that each response you give has the power to produce the outcome you are seeking. You’ll learn to maintain your composure and steer the interview in the direction you want with clear, concise responses. 

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