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Why You Need More Than Traditional PR

Like most things in today’s society, the PR landscape is rapidly evolving thanks to the advancement of technology. Traditional PR methods are no longer effective meaning businesses and PR firms need to find creative and high-tech ways to get the word out. Most clients’ gut reactions are that this change makes things complicated and overwhelmingly competitive. Although these things may be true, the new landscape of PR paves the way for creative news to shine which we believe is an exciting opportunity. 

As a regional PR firm, The PR Boutique not only has the boots on the ground advantage of knowing what consumers are interested in, we also have longstanding relationships with state-wide media and know what perks their ears up. These strengths become critical when planning announcements, events, and selecting influencers and journalist to work with. 

Digital media is king and it has been for quite some time. However, it is important to distinguish that this now goes beyond a news outlet’s website. PR firms need to actively work to find creative ways to reach influencers and earn their client’s spots on news outlets coveted social media pages. Again, relationships with key influencers and journalist become critical when seeking these exclusive features. 

There is much more below the surface of PR than there once was, making it more important than ever to have a team on your side that understands the inner workings of this new beast. At The PR Boutique, we have built a team with expertise in every aspect of PR ranging from traditional efforts to social media reporting. 

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