Why Hire a PR Firm to Plan an Event?


Working with a PR firm to plan an event can be much more beneficial than it may seem on the surface. Not only are you working with an experienced event planning team, but you also have access to the firm’s media relations expertise to help create a newsworthy event.

Having a PR team present on the day of the event allows them to work directly with the media to give an inside look and write articles from the center of the action. The team can also assist in day-of social media posting to make sure that the excitement of the event is captured and portrayed through the proper channels.

If you’re planning a buzzworthy announcement or have a notable speaker addressing at your event, having a PR team plan the event is the best way to ensure that you make it into the news. By working with the media to coordinate pre and post-event interviews, photo opps, and features, a PR firm can make sure that your event is covered from all angles.

In some cases, a PR firm can work to secure a media partnership which will include full coverage of the event as well as additional advertising for your business. With a PR firm’s connections and experience, they can seek out media outlets that best match your demographic to maximize the benefits of advertising dollars and time spent.

If you think that your business or event is newsworthy and are wanting to get the word out to the press, working with a PR firm is the only way to go. Visit our services page to learn more about event marketing and other ways a PR firm can benefit your business. If you’re ready to take the plunge, call us today to discuss how we can get your event media ready.