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Let’s Talk About SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been at the root of marketing efforts for many years. So what is SEO? How does it work? And how can you implement it into your business model?

SEO is an algorithmic system that uses keywords from searches to pull a number of relevant web results. For example, if you search Google for “PR Agencies Austin,” the list of results that appear are presented due to the SEO algorithm in place. 

SEO algorithms are constantly changing and improving meaning that there is a need for strategy. A basic SEO strategy needs to be customized to your business or brand but will generally follow the below guidelines: 

Target Audience

Narrow down your target audience along with their interests. You want your content to be strategically presented and relevant to this target audience. Understand what they are searching for, where they go after they search, and other sites they’re likely to visit.  

Keyword Research

The very core of SEO is keyword research. It is vital to understand the keywords you should be incorporating into your strategy. In order to create a more curated search result, you’ll want to categorize your keywords. For example – Public Relations and Austin, Media Relations, PR Firm, etc. We recommend using Google Adwords as a resource to nail down some categorical keywords and phrases relevant to your target audience and brand.

There are several ways to incorporate keywords to boost your business’s SEO. A simple step that we often recommend to clients is to incorporate a weekly blog into your webiste. Not only is this a great SEO tactic, but it also can serve as a resource for current or prospective clients. 

Curious about your company’s SEO and how you can improve. Call our team of experts at The PR Boutique to learn about ways that we can improve your company’s visibility.