The Importance of Influencers to PR Pros

In the current digital age, the use of influencer marketing is vital in maintaining an effective public relations strategy. For the first time in communications’ history, a strong presence on social media may be worth more than traditional, expensive …

Top PR Firm

If you’ve never worked with a PR team before, it can be tricky to know what to look for or how to get started. We’ve gathered some key elements to keep an eye out for when choosing a  top …

Advertising vs. Public Relations Explained

While both advertising and public relations build a brand’s image to reach their target audience, the difference lies in the methods used to accomplish their goals. While advertising space is what we call “paid media,” public relations results are earned …

Why Hire a PR Firm to Plan an Event?

Working with a PR firm to plan an event can be
much more beneficial than it may seem on the surface. Not only are you working
with an experienced event planning team, but you also have access to the firm’s
media relations …

Are PR Firms Worth The Money?

Working with a PR firm is certainly a big
investment, and for some, it may be difficult to judge if the cost is worth the
reward. Before your business overlooks hiring a PR firm, make sure that you
understand all that they …

Social Media Marketing: Building Your Voice through Engagement


What is social media engagement?

Engaging means putting the social in social media. It is liking and commenting on other accounts’ posts as well as retweeting and following new accounts on social mediaplatforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, …