College Students and Public Relations [Tips on Preparing for a Career in PR]

Goals are an essential component of PR. Goals of public relations are to create, maintain, and protect the organization’s reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image. However, goals are only as good as the strategies behind them. The strategies implemented should be clear and focused. To that end, we offer 5 actionable ways to reach your PR goals.


  1. Understand your Client’s PR Goals

It’s not enough to know who your client is and what they do. It is important to understand their goals in hiring a PR agency. To do this, learn about their past accomplishments, and their current and future goals. First, meet with your client to learn these details. From there, figure out the focus when creating the client’s message. Understanding your client and their goals creates a starting point for research and overall healthy client relations.

For example, some clients are looking for a specific type of coverage. They would like their business leader to be positioned as a “thought leader.” One way we do this in public relations is through expert positioning. Understanding the difference between expert positioning and general awareness helps your team know how to reach out to media. The PR Boutique has positioned clients as thought leaders through expert positioning as one of goals of the public relations plan . For example, one of our clients’ was featured as a thought leader in Houston Agent Magazine.

  1. Pick a Realistic PR Goal & Stick to It

In PR, our job is to focus on a clear goal for a client. Know their vision then set realistic goals specifically for the PR team to meet. Pick a reachable goal or two and move forward with it. This doesn’t rule out other ideas for the future, but it is important to not get overwhelmed with too many goals.

  1. Find the Roadblocks in Reaching the PR Goals

Now that you have chosen goals of public relations, find the challenges. What are the roadblocks and hard to overcome? Because you already understand your client, these problems will be easier to find and fix. Let’s say your company is struggling to gain followers on social media. You can’t help them increase engagement with a specific category of consumers if you don’t address the primary issue first. Once you know this is an issue, you can research ways to address this problem.

  1. Get to Know the Competition

A big struggle for companies is addressing competition. It’s not necessarily bad to have competition. In fact, it can be helpful! Healthy competition gives you the opportunity to differentiate your business. You can only differentiate your business if you know the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. As a PR firm, one of the goals of public relations is to do specific research on your client’s competition. If you already know what their competition is doing, you’ll be able to make better use of your time by figuring out ways to make your client stand out. This way, you can create positive media relations, event marketing and social media strategies tailored to your client’s strengths and setting them apart.

One way to find why your client stands out is by performing SWOT analysis on your client as well as their competitors. This Forbes article offers how to perform a great SWOT analysis:

  1. Document the Big Stuff

Now, get the ball rolling, implement the best PR strategies for your client to reach their PR goals. When it comes to your process, it is incredibly important to document the big stuff. You want to know how you are doing, what’s working and what isn’t. Know how you’re reaching your PR goals in order to maintain success. Goals are an essential component of PR. Report this to the client as well. Do this by keeping a detailed media report. Your client will appreciate the professionalism and it will be a great reference point for you moving forward. With the big stuff documented, communication with your client is easy and thorough. Creating an open dialogue and a concrete document to prove success. After all, reaching your PR goals offer more than just monetary credit for your hard work, right?








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College Students and Public Relations [Tips on Preparing for a Career in PR]. Goals are an essential component of PR. The strategies implemented should be clear and focused..

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