Crave Goals and Objectives


CRAVE, a Houston staple utilizes only the freshest ingredients in small batches to create gourmet twists on nostalgic favorites served alongside craft coffee, grounded and brewed one cup at a time, exclusive to CRAVE, seasonal treats and additional offerings.



  • Introduce CRAVE to new audiences and media
  • Keep CRAVE top of mind of the media, target audiences, and existing clientele
  • Grow awareness of CRAVE amongst potential customers
  • Secure media placements through strategic pitches



CRAVE is widely recognized in Houston for serving delicious cupcakes. As a result, the main challenge for the agency has been delivering a message that CRAVE is more than just cupcakes. The agency has worked to educate consumers about other products CRAVE offers such as their gourmet coffee and bakeshop items.



  • In an effort to maximize exposure of CRAVE’s bakeshop items, The PR Boutique was able to secure two Valentine’s Day segments on Houston Life (KPRC-Channel 2) and Great Day Houston (KHOU-CBS11), highlighting the seasonal heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats. As a result, CRAVE sold out of the item ahead of the holiday for the first time ever.
  • Leading up to Valentine’s Day, The PR Boutique organized partnerships between CRAVE and four local influencers to giveaway the seasonal cupcakes, potentially reaching an audience of over 135,000 people.
  • To introduce consumers to CRAVE’s limited-time holiday offerings, The PR Boutique secured numerous media hits, including an in-depth feature of the store and co-owner, Elizabeth Harrison Cooper.
  • CRAVE continues to receive praise from top media. Following are a sampling of media outlets CRAVE has been featured in:
    • Community Impact
    • Houston Hotel Magazine
    • Houston Press
    • KHOU – CBS 11
    • KPRC – NBC 2
    • KTRK – ABC 13
    • PaperCity Magazine
    • The Paper
    • The Woodlands Online
    • Visit Houston
    • West University Moms Blog