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How to Adapt Event Marketing During Covid-19

Summer is coming, COVID-19 restrictions are being softened and people are venturing out into the world after over a year of spending time indoors and isolated from the world. 

For businesses that thrive off of their events, this hit HARD. The world was stopped and there were no parties, fundraisers, events or community get togethers…Unless they were only online. We are happy and excited that the long hiatus of no in-person events has come to an end, but we all still want to take precautions on how we host them. 

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Event Marketing

Adapt & Thrive

Here at The PR Boutique we strive to create positive brand awareness for each of our clients, and keeping customers safe, healthy and happy during events is our number one priority. 

By adapting events during this COVID-19 pandemic we can ensure your clients will have a fun experience while staying safe and they will in-turn think of your brand in a positive way.

Below are a few tips on how to do event marketing during the pandemic to stay in compliance with the current health and safety standards AND keep your clients happy and satisfied. 

Tip 1: Go Hybrid

Even though more people are venturing out into public events, there are still some who would rather attend from afar. Make your event both online and in-person to capture as many guests as possible AND cater to their wants. They will be thrilled to be there virtually and feel like you are respecting their wishes. 

Tip 2: If It’s Virtual- Send the party in a box! 

If you’re hosting a virtual event and you want to raise money for a charity or your business offer to send the party to them! Create an atmosphere so your guests will feel like they are doing more than just looking at a computer screen. 

This is an awesome way to market your event if you need some ideas on how to make it unique! 

Here are some ideas to include in your EVENT BOX: 

  • Charcuterie board, or snacks
  • wine or your special mixed drink created for your event
  • Send some items to go along with your theme
  • Make sure to include YOUR products or services and the products of whatever you’re promoting/fundraising for
  • Send a playlist that your guests can listen to all night in-sync with everyone else!
  • Ask your event sponsors to add an item or two so you don’t go overboard with your budget. 

Tip 3: If You are Requiring a Mask- Send one with their confirmation! 

  • Send a custom event face mask that your guests can wear to the event. This way you know they will have a mask and it will continue to promote your company well after the event. 
  • Add hand sanitizer with your information on it as a bonus. 
    • Don’t forget to keep extras on hand if someone forgets theirs! 

Team Up with The PR Boutique

Have an idea for an event? Meet with us and let’s make it happen! We are a full service PR & Marketing agency that can help you grow your business and create positive brand awareness. 

We are the leading Houston PR firm and a top Austin PR agency. We have a powerful team of experts on our staff and we pride ourselves on putting your business in the right spotlight! 

Connect with us today to get your event marketing started and host an incredible event that your guests won’t forget! 

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