Houston Real Estate
Houston Texas modern skyline at sunset twilight from park lawn HDRI

Houston Real Estate Update How Public Relations Can Set Your Project Apart In Any Economy

Houston Real Estate Update
Houston Texas modern skyline at sunset twilight from park lawn

The Houston real estate scene is still bustling with activity, particularly new construction. However tumbling oil prices have local and national real estate experts talking about who may really pay the price.  According to a recent Wall Street Journal article Houston represents one-sixth of all office space under construction in the entire U.S.


Luxury apartment complexes, custom built homes, and new office buildings give potential buyers and renters a plethora to choose from. As a real estate firm or builder, it is important to correctly assess your target audience and differentiate from competitors in both good and bad economies.


The PR Boutique tracks the latest industry trends and creates strategic messaging to elevate our clients’ brand in new and interesting ways including:


  • Unique Events
  • Creative Pitches
  • Strategic Media Drops
  • Strong relationships with key members of the Houston media


The Houston real estate market is a complicated and dynamic landscape. Having a strategic public relations campaign in place is one key to success in this highly competitive market.



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