A Recipe for Success Musings from Talented Women in PR

  • 5 Amazing and Talented Women in PR (whole)
  • 1 Student (male), Hispanic for flavor
  • 2 teaspoons of Nerves
  • 1 cup of Confidence
  • 1 lb. of Talent, ground

Start with the Student—in this recipe; we used Marcos Gonzalez, PR intern from the University of Houston.

Make sure the Student is determined and ready to learn. Begin by prepping the Student with the lb. of ground Talent. Careful—too much and the flavor will be overwhelming, and too little will leave the Student bland and flavorless. Next, mix in the 2 teaspoons of Nerves. Let soak.

Preheat the Houston oven to 360°F (which shouldn’t be too hard, Houston has some very hot days!)

Slowly, work in the 1-cup of Confidence, stirring until the Nerves aren’t there. Set the Student aside with the 5 Women In PR—for this, we used Emily Hanley, Rachel Ebersole, Angela Austin, Trevor Thompson and Karen Henry.

Add the Student and 5 Women into a 430 square ft. Lime Green non-stick pan and put in oven for 5 months, or until a golden brown, then take out. Let cool for 10-15 minutes, and it’s ready to enjoy! Best served over Thai food.

Student will have gained 5 months experience, his Nerves will have been completely gone and his Confidence should be a strong, sweet flavor. He’ll be ready to take on the next big challenge and will have the experience and connections he needs to excel in his on path.

Note from baker: Share this recipe with your loved ones—it makes a great summer dish for those students who are looking to further their knowledge and gain all the experience they could ask for. It certainly worked for me. I learned things I normally wouldn’t have in a classroom setting. Being the man behind the wheel, I was given opportunities and chances to showcase my own creativity—when crafting social media posts, writing media pitches, and even creating graphics.

In cooking, everyone has a favorite taste or cuisine—PR is no different. The variety of clients The PR Boutique has definitely kept me on my toes. Restaurants, healthcare, authors, non-profit, and even television! (Personally, still my favorite ‘dish’ I got to try this semester…) Thanks to The PR Boutique, I got to taste everything Houston had to offer. And it definitely fostered a greater love for Houston than I had before. #CookingWithPR #Houston

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