PR and the Media: The Best of Frenemies By Rachel Black

Houston intern, Summer 2014

As a PR major, the bulk of your classes focus on journalism. From day one, professors tell you the relationship between public relations and the media is a dependant and precarious one. One day we can be on the best of terms and the next be on the defensive depending on what story is written. During my time interning at The PR Boutique I’ve learned the importance of knowing which outlets will be the best in which to showcase your client.
It is not only enough to be able to write in the correct format with all the proper punctuation and grammar necessary, you have to be able to pitch your story and your client properly. That means coordinating the right whos and wheres.

I began my internship naively thinking that media contact simply meant calling the newspaper. I didn’t think deeper and quickly learned there is much more to it. After compiling media list upon media list, I’ve realized there are thousands (literally) of outlets that can accommodate your needs. To know which ones are right you must know your client. You want to provide the best light and placement to tell the world about your client and all that is newsworthy about them.

Having a good connection with the media is instrumental to being successful in this business. You have to learn how to cater to the media so they will cater to you. Our clients are toys with which the media gets to play so find the outlets that are looking for what you have and share. We have to play together, so it’s best to learn to play nice.

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