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Hiring A PR Firm For A Grand Opening – Public Relations

In PR, timing is everything. There is an art to knowing when to pitch, follow up, and even scrap a story. One of the biggest issues we face as a firm is on-boarding with someone who has jumped the gun on an announcement. For a business getting off the ground or a long-standing company making a large announcement, it can be hard to keep exciting news under wraps. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you need to do. 

Just like with most anything else, first impressions with the media are everything. A common situation we find ourselves in with new clients is that they’ve already attempted pitching their story but were unsuccessful in gaining coverage. This poses several challenges for the newly hired PR team. The news has already come across the editor’s desk meaning it will be challenging to get them to take a second look. As a firm, we feel having the first stab at a release gives us the opportunity to finesse our relationships with the media and approach each pitch in a way we know will entice them. 

Although missing an opportunity with one release may seem minuscule, it can have a greater impact on your overall introduction to the media. Think of the first release as your introduction into the market, your opportunity to hop on journalists’ radars. If an editor or journalist has yet to make your acquaintance, they may be a bit hesitant to pick up any additional stories coming their way. 

Although it is not ideal to pick up where a client left off, things can be salvaged but will often take a little time. We may need to wait to re-send the announcement until you’ve gathered more newsworthy content such as sales goals, new hires, or community involvement. The good news is, you now have a team behind you working to craft your narrative and expertly pitch is to their media contacts.

Visit our services page to learn what we can do for your business. You have a story to tell. Let us discover it and make it newsworthy.


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Hiring A PR Firm For A Grand Opening – Public Relations. For a business getting off the ground, it can be hard to keep exciting news under wraps. Unfortu

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