Think Outside the box

Think Outside the Box – Definitive Guide to Grow Brand Awareness

Need to think outside the box? When a PR agency finds a media relations strategy that works, it’s easy for it to become a template applied to every client.

Here is the deal! While this cookie-cutter approach may generate some results, it gets tired fast.

Challenge yourself and your team to think creatively, not conveniently. Below are three ideas to break the mold and achieve PR success with out of the box thinking:

What’s your message?
Listen to your client and you will learn invaluable information. It’s easy to fall into a reporting-based style of communication, instead of engagement based. At The PR Boutique, we work hard to not only generate ideas that appeal to the media and targeted influencers but ask for the client’s feedback at every step, to stay fresh on messaging in an evolving landscape.

Who is your audience and where are they?

Coming up with an out of the box idea is only half the battle. Make sure to put in the extra work to avoid a public relations and social media campaign that falls flat, by identifying the appropriate channels to reach your client’s target audience.

The platforms will shape the way the campaign comes to life. Whether
it’s millennials and Instagram or generation Z and YouTube, crafting an idea to complement the appropriate channels are critical.

What’s #trending?

Keep a pulse on what is interesting right now in spring of 2018 and always think about how your client can fit into that conversation. If you’ve hit a wall because your client has nothing new going on, look outside of the box for inspiration.

It could be as simple as a media promotion we recently ran for a client’s new breakfast menu by offering the public a complimentary breakfast taco on “National Wear Your
Pajamas to Work Day” – if they visited their nearest location in their pajamas during breakfast hours.

The campaign not only encouraged guests to come to the restaurant but also helped spread awareness of the new breakfast offerings through media placements and social media posts.

Trevor Thompson, Director of Accounts – Houston, Texas – May 2018