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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A PR Firm? (Updated)

In today’s world, social media marketing is a vital component of a successful public relations campaign. As we develop social media marketing campaigns at The PR Boutique, there are three things we aim to create: engaging content, shareable content, and relevant content. These three factors help create content that stands out to the public and encourages conversation about the brand.

When creating a social media marketing campaign, ask yourself these questions: What is this campaign trying to achieve? What do we want followers to do with the content being posted?

How do we want them to react? Next, you must focus on the copy. The content of the post must be in line with the objective. The post’s content also must be engaging enough to incline viewers to read the entire post and seek out more information.

Within the body of your text, be sure to tag mentioned pages or people and add relevant hashtags. Tagging people and/or pages (ex. @ThePRBoutique), will alert them of your mention, creating awareness of your page and your brand. Additionally, including hashtags can help lead new followers to your page.

For example, if someone in Austin searches “#austinrealestate” through a social media channel and you have used that hashtag on one or more of your posts, those posts will appear on their search feed. Hopefully, your post will stand out and lead a potential new follower to your page.

Finally, visuals. The text is often easily skipped over and does not demand attention from people scrolling through their feed. At The PR Boutique in Austin, we like to include eye-catching images and videos. Social media has become mostly visual. The images tend to be much larger than the text so the visual aspect of your post can be as important, if not more important than the content.


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