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How to implement effective social media marketing

In this new world of social media marketing, it can be difficult to know what type of content to post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This post is meant to help you create better content for your audience.

The first step is easy. Make sure your content is relevant to your area of expertise. You would think that would go without saying. However, that’s not enough. Second, and more importantly, know for whom you are writing. Do this by creating “buyer personas”.

Create “buyer personas” for your target customers

We recommend creating a “buyer persona” for each group in your target market. This means create a detailed composite representative of each customer group you want to reach.

Let’s say you own an upscale women’s boutique. After brainstorming with your team, you break down your customers into three distinct groups: River Oaks Rachel, Newlywed Nicole and Cheerleader Charlotte. However, labels aren’t enough. Get detailed.

Let’s take one of these “buyer personas” as an example. The women’s boutique decides that River Oaks Rachel is 42 years old mother of two, whose kid’s attend St. John’s high school. Her husband is a prestigious Houston neurosurgeon. She drives 2009 BMW X3 and a carries a Luis Vuitton handbag that she just purchased on her annual fall weekend trip to New York she takes with her three best friends from college (SMU). She runs five days a week in Memorial park, eats a vegetarian diet, but loves to drink two glasses of Californian cabernet dinner. Her favorite TV show is Mad Men and she subscribes to Vanity Fair and Vogue.

Get as descriptive as possible so you feel like this person exists (you could actually base this on a real person). For further tips, check out this article on how to create “buyer personas”.

Is it interesting to your customer?

After creating “buyer personas”, now you have a litmus test for posting new content. The women’s boutique owner would ask herself, “Would this interest River Oaks Rachel, Newlywed Nicole or Cheerleader Charlotte?” If not, don’t post it! Is it self-promotional advertising that would annoy someone when they receive it in their Facebook feed? Don’t do it! Are you posting a viral video of a cat doing somersaults just because it’s funny? Stop right there!

Remember two things when trying to engage your audience via social media marketing:

1) Stick to you area of expertise
2) Keep it interesting for your target audience

– CF


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