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Instagram Likes: How Instagram Likes Affect Marketing (2020)

How to Maximize Your Social Media Presence

By Emma Scofield – Intern at The PR Boutique HoustonR


Being relevant to your target market and your social media presence go hand in hand. Most brands don’t have the experience to execute an effective social media plan. Therefore, a strong public relations agency such as The PR Boutique can develop a social media management plan to maximize your presence. We offer this guide to create an effective social media plan using a few tactics explained below.


Creating brand momentum through social media is important. Most effective is to post consistently yet less frequently in order to garner followers’ attention. Don’t make the mistake of posting so often that followers become tired of seeing your posts on their feed. As a result, there will be less likes suggesting a lack of understanding of its target consumers. Therefore, hiring a PR agency that understands how many posts work best for you is a smart decision.

Once a PR agency establishes which strategies work best in reaching your target consumer base, it drafts a social media plan. For example, event marketing on a social media page could range from an elaborate video to a simple photo with event details. In this case, it is appropriate to increase posts for a period of time leading up to the event to increase excitement.


Success does not mean how many followers you have. Instead, it is found in the social media page’s like-to-follower ratio. A brand may only have a small, distinct consumer base, but has a high ratio of likes. A good PR agency can provide these statistics. Through a PR agency’s effective social media management efforts, you can gather the social media attention necessary for a successful promotion.


At The PR Boutique, we strategically attract users while keeping them engaged by responding to direct messages and comments. The more time we spend cultivating relationships with target audiences, the more relatable the social media platform. Another way to create trusting relationships with target audiences is to repost and promote high-quality, brand enthusiasts’ content as “user-generated content.”


CRAVE Cupcakes is a Houston staple that uses fresh ingredients in small batches to create gourmet cupcakes in nostalgic flavors. The use of successful user-generated content includes commenting on posts that have reached thousands with hundreds of likes and dozens of comments. 

In addition to user-generated content, another social media growth tactic is partnering with influencers. The PR Boutique organized partnerships between CRAVE Cupcakes and four local influencers to giveaway the seasonal Valentine’s Day cupcakes, reaching an audience of over 135,000 people.


Interacting on social media is instrumental to creating positive client relations. Liking and commenting on posts with relevant hashtags is important. However, too much commenting and using too many hashtags can pester your audience and seem inauthentic. Therefore, it is important to show genuine interest in relevant pages and consumer’s social media platforms. A savvy PR agency can be instrumental in managing effective social media interactions into the overall routine.


Utilizing the appropriate, authentic engagement tactics can help grow a brand’s followers and average likes. For example, The PR Boutique manages lauded Houston interior designer, Ginger Barber’s social media platforms. Facebook fans have increased by 116% and Instagram followers have increased 573% since we took over her social media.

In conclusion, maintaining momentum on social media is extremely important. Whether a brand posts once a month or multiple times a week, using specific strategies for social media is key. A PR agency plays a vital role in developing a strong social media presence and plan. We hope you will use this guide to help your brand manage an effective social media plan.


Instagram Likes: How Instagram Likes Affect Marketing (2020) Related info

Description of Instagram Likes: How Instagram Likes Affect Marketing (2020)

Instagram Likes: How Instagram Likes Affect Marketing (2020). The PR Boutique offers this guide to effective social media management to maximize your social m

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