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If your brand has a social media presence, you understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends. Earlier this month, Instagram launched Reels, a new way to create fun and engaging content from Instagram Stories. Similar to Tik Tok, users can create 15-second videos that will live in the new Reels. Below are some things to keep in mind and tips to help your brand stand out on Instagram Reels. 

Tap Into Your Existing Audience

One of the greatest benefits of Reels is its ability to reach your already existing audience. This is important because your brand is able to tap into the creative, addictive format of Tik Tok videos without having to regrow your audience on a new platform. Additionally, Reels allows brands to create unique, engaging content that the typical Instagram post format does not allow. 

Hit The Ground Running

Just like any social media update, it can take some time to become acquainted with the concept of Reels. Those who utilize Tik Tok have the added advantage of understanding how to format and edit the short video clips and follow trends. However, those who are just discovering this format of social media should not be discouraged. Fortunately, Reels are made within Instagram Stories which allows you to easily scrap unwanted material and reshoot or edit until you’re pleased with the finished product. 

Watch and Learn 

A great way to learn more about how to create successful, engaging content is by watching other content creators for inspiration. Spend some time scrolling through the Reels section to find content that matches your brand’s aesthetic and overall goal. You’ll quickly catch on to music trends, editing tricks, and formatting techniques that will make your videos stand out. 

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