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A crisis occurs. It’s unanticipated and unpredictable, and you must act fast and stay ahead of the narrative. PR firms have the skills to help with crisis communications, especially during times like these. During the COVID-19 pandemic, crafting the right message for your community isn’t top of mind, but it is vital. No one knows your business like you, and we’re here to work with you to create a communications plan.

Invest During a Crisis

Now is the time to invest in social media and community outreach. During a crisis, it’s critical to update your customers. Quick and consistent updates are a pivotal part of crisis communication. However, it can be time consuming to constantly update your website. Likewise, it can overwhelm customers if you send out too many e-blasts. Social media is a great way to update customers in a timely manner. Most people are checking social media daily as a way to stay connected during social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Social media is the best way to connect, create a community and keep everyone up to date on your business.

Disaster Turned into Good

Crisis communication doesn’t only apply to what you are directly saying to customers. It’s also about what you are saying indirectly. If you’re able, contributing to the community in times of need is one of the best ways to invest during a crisis. Whether it’s volunteering or helping with much needed resources, it’s important to align yourself with the community. This goodwill will extend past these hard times and keep you top of mind during and after the crisis. For example, Ben Berg of Berg Hospitality has hosted fundraisers for his employees. This not only exposes people to his restaurants and garners coverage, but it shows that he cares about his community.

At the peak of the stay at home orders, Frank’s Americana Revival was burglarized. Cash earmarked for the employees was stolen. The PR Boutique took this crisis and turned it into a story to raise awareness. To take this initiative further, the PR team reached out to one of their other clients, Nan & Company Properties. Nan & Company Properties wanted to deliver food to the nurses at a Houston hospital. The PR Boutique strategically paired two clients to create a successful donation. To make this happen, Frank’s prepared over 200 box lunches and delivered them to the nurses. Crisis turned into a cross-collaboration win-win.

Crisis Management: Will You Sink or Swim?

What you do now will help you survive and put you on top when business gets back to normal. In uncertain times, it’s important to stay on top of crisis communication and keep in touch with your customers. These methods will help you remain in front of your audience and help keep your brand fresh in people’s minds.

How a PR firm can help with Crisis Communications 

With over 20 years of experience, we offer various services to help you during the COVID-19 crisis. The contacts in our network also help solve your business problems. For more tips on crisis communication, follow The PR Boutique on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. If your business is struggling, or you need support on how to implement marketing tools, please reach out to us.


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