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Social Media Reputation Management

With the widespread use of social media, it can be difficult to control the flow of negative news or information. When situations arise that threaten the reputation and livelihood of a company or person, a PR firm can step in to implement reputation management. There are several approaches that can be taken to repair the damage caused online, however, there can be a downside to the available options when an audience is looking for a fault. 

Go Dark

Although it is not always our first recommendation, in some cases it is necessary to disable the comment sections of your social media pages. This will effectively remove all comments that have been made while also preventing any future slander. Though this may seem like an easy fix, this can occasionally invoke more severe backlash as it will appear you are attempting to hide from the issue. If this is the route you choose, we would recommend releasing an official statement which addresses the comments that have been made in order to express your openness and honesty with your audience. This form of reputation management can be done both directly on the social media platform or it could be presented by way of a profile feature with a respected media outlet. 

Direct It To Your DMs

Depending on what is being said, it can often be beneficial to direct the conversation to your direct messages to begin the reputation management. Here, you can continue an open and honest conversation and address the issues at hand without airing it to the world and allowing others to chime in. This is especially beneficial when the matter is customer service related, as you can work one on one to resolve the issue and offer your services. 

There are several ways that a PR firm can assist a company in repairing reputation damage. These situations can be especially difficult to navigate as you are most likely addressing an aggressive audience who is looking for fault in every step. Visit our services page to learn more about how The PR Boutique can assist you or your company with reputation management today.