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Why Brand Attributes are Important for Your Business

Why Brand Attributes are Important for Your Business
If your business was a person, would you be friends with them? 

Your business is like a person, and your brand is its personality. 

As a business owner, you want your brand to be consistent, inspiring, and trustworthy. But how do you convey that? By choosing specific attributes or “personality traits” that help to define exactly who you are and what your business stands for. 

Let’s break down brand attributes and why they are important for your business! 
What is an Attribute?
An attribute is a characteristic or trait that defines someone or something. For example, if …

media relations

Media Relations and Public Relations: How They Work Together

Are media relations and public relations interchangeable words that mean the same thing? NOPE! 

Media relations is actually a branch of public relations that deals with specifically, you guessed it- the media! 

In a previous article titled “What is Media Relations,” we went in-depth into precisely what media relations is and how it works for your business. 

Even though it is a branch of public relations, these two are commonly intertwined to maximize the effectiveness of a business’s efforts. 

To explain how these two marketing functions work in tandem, let’s break down what is involved in each!
Public Relations
Public relations (PR) is the branch …

Austin public relations

4 Reasons You Need An Austin Public Relations Firm

Did you know that public relations existed in ancient civilizations, but the first real public relations firm was created just over 100 years ago in the early 1900s?  

Public Relations is the business of authentic storytelling, building trust, creating awareness and connecting with media and other sources to help grow a brands trustworthiness and appeal to consumers. An Austin public relations firm can help. 

If your business is looking to gain traction and build brand awareness in order to grow and scale your company, you should look to hire a local public relations firm to help you! They are the experts …

PR firm in Texas

5 Things to Look For in a PR Firm in Texas

If you are in the market for a PR firm in Texas, there are a few things that you should look for. In a world where first impressions are everything and a split-second judgment can make or break a partnership, you want to always put your best face forward. A PR firm can embody the face and the message of your brand, and can greatly influence the way that you or your company are viewed in the public eye. 

There is a tremendous amount of responsibility and trust that lies with this important decision of who should represent you. For …

event photography

5 Event Photography Tips and Tricks

Have you ever looked in magazines and online to see stunning photos from events and wondered:

1. How did they get such incredible photos?

2. How did they get their event and company to be featured in publications/online?

3. How can you make this happen for your next event?

There is a simple answer to all 3 – Public Relations Event Marketing and Event Photography. 

When you host an event and want to showcase its success, use it as marketing for your business or as an advertisement for your upcoming events, it’s important to have high-quality photos and videos that tell the event’s story.  

Hiring …

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Why Include Influencer Marketing in Your Business?

The goal of most marketing strategies is to reach your intended audience and create brand awareness, foster lasting client relationships, and increase conversions. Often, the best way to accomplish this is to invest in marketing methods that exist in the spaces where your target audience spends most of their time. Given that the global average is 145 minutes spent on social media per day, that certainly seems like a valuable place to start. A highly successful marketing approach that meets all of this criteria is influencer marketing. Let’s take a look at what exactly influencer marketing is, how it …

Event Marketing

How to Adapt Event Marketing During Covid-19

Summer is coming, COVID-19 restrictions are being softened and people are venturing out into the world after over a year of spending time indoors and isolated from the world. 

For businesses that thrive off of their events, this hit HARD. The world was stopped and there were no parties, fundraisers, events or community get togethers…Unless they were only online. We are happy and excited that the long hiatus of no in-person events has come to an end, but we all still want to take precautions on how we host them. 

Pro Tip: Read our latest blog, “Why is Community Engagement Important …

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What Is the Role of Social Media in 2021?

What is the Role of Social Media Today?


The United States and the rest of the world have been living a pandemic lifestyle for over a year now. In just 365 days marketing and public relations strategies have had to be turned upside down and completely revamped to help businesses stay relevant when the world was staying home. 

What Has Changed in the Past Year in Social Media
We have seen an increase in social media events and virtual gatherings and a complete stop to in person events that would jeopardize the health and safety of the host company and guests.   


The CMO …

Instagram Reels 101 -Media Relations- Austin TX

What is Media Relations?

What Is Media Relations?
As a small business owner, media relations is important to know how to market your business. When you look at marketing as a whole, you will find that it is made up of smaller components like public relations, digital marketing, media relations, branding, advertising, social media management, and more. 


Understanding how all of these components work together will help you reach your target market and grow your business. We will be discussing what media relations mean when marketing a business and how your business can benefit greatly when mastered correctly. 

Definition of Media Relations
Media Relations, simply put, is …

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What is Effective Brand Management?

What is Brand Management?
PR Boutique

Close your eyes and imagine the most popular brands that come to mind. Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Google. Those brands are not just associated with one product, but a culture. Apple has a tremendously loyal following. Coca-Cola is known for its advertising and promotion of sharing and coming together. When someone asks you a question, what do you say? “Google it.” Marketing is not the only reason these brands are thriving. They are successful because they understand the importance of brand management. Simply put, a brand is the most valuable asset a company has. 

What …

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3 Trends Affecting PR Messaging in 2021

This year, there are 3 trends affecting PR messaging.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our world functions in almost every way imaginable. As we approach the one-year mark of social distancing, quarantining, working from home, and digital learning, we’re beginning to realize that many of the changes made to our daily lives may be here to stay. Let’s take a closer look at some of the social trends that will affect your brand’s PR messaging in 2021 and potentially, years to come. 
Emphasis on Health and Safety
It goes without saying that consumers are purchasing more health-related products, like …


Internship Reflection: Ruthie Rosser

Public Relations has always been my passion. Throughout the years of preparing myself to start a career in PR, I have completed several internships and held strong leadership positions to explore my interests and build my academic strengths. And with The PR Boutique, I was able to further pursue my passion and build professional relationships during my Fall 2020 internship.

My job always kept me on my toes, in the best way possible: no two days looked the same. From social media content creation and scheduling, drafting up clients’ blogs and media advisories, to researching client competition and creating media …

What a Top PR Agency can do to deal with Covid this 2020?

What a Top PR Agency can do to deal with Covid this 2020?

What a Top PR Agency Can Do to Deal with COVID this 2020?

What a Top PR Agency Can Do to Deal with COVID this 2020? When COVID-19 sent the entire world to a screeching halt, no one knew what to expect. Everyone wished at Midnight on New Years for 2020 to bring happiness, success, and adventure. What we got was a stay at home order, children learning online, parents becoming teachers, millions out of jobs, hospitals without protective equipment, family and friends becoming ill, and businesses big and small closing down with no end in sight.


What a Top PR …

When did Public Relations Firms begin working Houston 2 min

When did Public Relations Firms begin working?

When did Public Relations Firms begin working? – Houston TX
When did Public Relations Firms begin working? -Houston TX. Since the dawn of time, the idea of “public relations” has been an integral part of communication and the world’s forward progression.

When did Public Relations Firms begin working? – Houston TX
From Moses to Confucious to Greek philosophers Plato and Socrates, the need to create a connection between the public and ideas, people or events has been ingrained into our society. 


History of Public Relations

At the turn of the 20th Century, Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays were pioneers in the idea of Public …

Let’s Talk About SEO - Houston TX

Instagram Reels 101 – Austin TX

If you’ve never worked with a PR agency before you may be asking yourself “what do they do?” and “does my business need one?”  Though our skill sets are broad, to sum it up in one sentence, PR agencies promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage. As an agency, our goal is to seek out and disseminate newsworthy information to the media and public with the intention of achieving free or “earned” media coverage. 

Although this is a vital element of a PR agency, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to our skillsets. At The …

Social Media Marketing: Building Your Voice through Engagement

PR messaging: adapting during COVID-19 pandemic (July 2020)

As a 21-year-old from the suburbs of New York City, it is safe to say that I am used to handling a fast-paced lifestyle involving multi-tasking on a daily basis. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with television – everything about it. I would come home from school every day, do my homework and watch E! News at 7:00pm to hear about all of the celebrity gossip. When that was over, I would watch my other favorite television shows that were scheduled to air that day. I have spent time on the set of …

Giving Back Is The New Black - San Antonio TX

Media Training: Do You Need It? – Houston TX

 Whether you are a new business seeking to boost brand awareness and generate buzz or a company that needs to take a campaign to the next level, you may be facing the question, “is it time to hire a publicist?” A publicist can help boost a business in a multitude of areas such as media relations, community outreach, reputation management, event planning and social media management. Below is some insight to help guide you in answering the question: “Is it time to hire a publicist?”

The PR Boutique

A PR Boutique publicist takes the time to formulate achievable goals with …

PR and the Media: The Best of Frenemies By Rachel Black

Social Media: 5 Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Platform

As compared to paid advertising, earned media is more valuable to reach consumers as it is more genuine and reliable in a world full of paid-for advertising clutter. Not only is earned media or editorial content more dependable from a consumer’s viewpoint since it is written from an outsider’s perspective, but it saves you money and builds brand awareness.

Small businesses are already typically viewed as more trustworthy than larger companies, and when paired with the dependability and reach of earned media, these businesses experience an extra boost that often proves to be invaluable to their brand. This is a …

To Be a PR Rockstar, Create a Rockstar - Public Relations

How To: Plan a Successful Virtual Event – Austin TX

Got a problem that needs a creative solution? Check out Sticky Wisdom: How to Create a Creative Revolution at Work. Written by the folks at ?WhatIf!, a leading innovation consultancy headquartered in the UK, it’s an easy read that breaks down the barriers to creativity. For those of us that aren’t naturally creative geniuses, Sticky Wisdom, provides practical tools that will help anyone innovate.


One of the most helpful techniques outlined in the book is called “Revolution”. The core of this concept is to challenge the rules and assumptions associated with the problem you are trying to solve. You first …

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Crisis Communications During COVID-19 – 2020 – Houston TX

Crisis Communications During Covid:  A PR Professional’s Guide to Attracting Media Attention
One of the most challenging aspects of getting the media’s attention as a PR professional is developing a pitch for your client that is compelling enough to attract the attention of the Houston and Texas media. It’s easy to copy and paste a previous pitch and tweak it to align with your client’s new message, but this process quickly gets tired. Instead, approach each new media pitch with a fresh mindset by planning ahead, doing your research and getting creative. Here are examples of how these steps worked …

The PR Boutique Celebrates 15 Years with Client Roster Wins

Communications Plan – Why your business needs one (2020)

One of the things I love most about working in public relations is getting to host fabulous events on behalf of clients.

If there is one thing I’ve learned through party planning it’s that a PR girl needs a few key things to pull off a perfect party.

This list includes a great team, a detailed plan, flexibility and a good pair of pumps to withstand the night.

Our company recently helped with the grand opening for Atrium Ready-to-Wear, a boutique within a bridal shop offering designer cocktail and evening gowns.

The owner of the boutique, Luvi Wheelock, has had much success in her …

Keep Austin Wired: 7 Austin iPhone Apps - San Antonio TX

The Importance of Reporting [New Research] – San Antonio TX

Most publicists will tell you that they hate math. Math, science, formulas: these things make them cringe. Rather, we are communicators, innovators, relationship-experts and artists. We are the right brain to your left.

But, there is a certain kind of science that allows us to shine – the science behind each successful media pitch. There is no one formula (eek!) when it comes to pitching the ever-allusive media. Rather, every pitch, every client, every message requires its own well-thought-out strategy. And, that’s where we come in. At The PR Boutique, we mold each pitch so that it truly speaks to …

What Does A PR Agency Do? - Austin TX

Community Outreach 101 – Austin TX

We are excited about launching our new website! We’ll be working out the kinks over the next week. So let us know what you think!

Community Outreach 101 – Austin TX Related info
Description of Community Outreach 101
Community Outreach 101 – Austin TX. Our new website! We are excited about launching our new web site! We’ll be working out the kinks

Related inner page
Listing Management With our Listing Manager service, you can instantly generate structured listings across nearly one hundred of the web’s best citation sources.

Related external post: Public Relations Disasters of 2019 Are Teachable Moments – Bloomberg

Internal related …

From New York to Houston, with Love by Danielle Rosegarten

Instagram Likes: How Instagram Likes Affect Marketing (2020)

How to Maximize Your Social Media Presence

By Emma Scofield – Intern at The PR Boutique HoustonR


Being relevant to your target market and your social media presence go hand in hand. Most brands don’t have the experience to execute an effective social media plan. Therefore, a strong public relations agency such as The PR Boutique can develop a social media management plan to maximize your presence. We offer this guide to create an effective social media plan using a few tactics explained below.


Creating brand momentum through social media is important. Most effective is to post consistently …

photo 1562577309 2592ab84b1bc

Let’s Talk About SEO – Houston TX

If your brand has a social media presence, you understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends. Earlier this month, Instagram launched Reels, a new way to create fun and engaging content from Instagram Stories. Similar to Tik Tok, users can create 15-second videos that will live in the new Reels. Below are some things to keep in mind and tips to help your brand stand out on Instagram Reels. 
Tap Into Your Existing Audience
One of the greatest benefits of Reels is its ability to reach your already existing audience. This is important because your brand is …

Public Relations Firm To Plan A Groundbreaking Event

Learning from PR Professionals Through Internships

You can throw the best event of the year but if you don’t have the pictures to prove it-how will anyone know? Photography is one way to ensure that every moment of your fabulous event is documented. Good photos can capture the success of an event but great images can be sent to the media for post press coverage. Event photos can also be used in documents to show the success of your event to potential sponsors and attendees for next year.

Here are some tips on selecting the perfect photographer to shoot your event.

What is your budget?
Pricing can be …

Partnering with Bloggers to Increase Client Exposure

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A PR Firm? (Updated)

In today’s world, social media marketing is a vital component of a successful public relations campaign. As we develop social media marketing campaigns at The PR Boutique, there are three things we aim to create: engaging content, shareable content, and relevant content. These three factors help create content that stands out to the public and encourages conversation about the brand.

When creating a social media marketing campaign, ask yourself these questions: What is this campaign trying to achieve? What do we want followers to do with the content being posted?

How do we want them to react? Next, you must focus …

Say Cheese! Picking the Perfect Event Photographer

PR Professional Advice: Getting into the industry

How to chose the right PR Agency.
As a top PR agency, with offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, we know how important it is to hire a firm that is the right fit for your company and brand. At the PR Boutique, we service a variety of clients and pride ourselves on being a PR agency that masters in media relations, event marketing, community outreach and social media campaigns.

We pride ourselves on developing close and lasting relationships with our clients and furthering their brand mission by putting them in the spotlight.

We know what we are doing, and we …

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What Does A PR Agency Do? – Austin TX

Regardless of whether your business is just getting off the ground or has been around for years, it’s always important to be active and recognized within your community. Our team of experts at The PR Boutique can help you navigate the many community outreach opportunities available in your city and keep your name in front of mind amongst your neighbors and peers. Below are a few avenues to explore when seeking ways to become involved in your community.

Chamber of Commerce
Hosting a grand opening or hitting a major milestone? The PR Boutique can contact your local Chamber and …

Ways To Boost Community Involvement - Austin TX

What Is Social Media Management? – Austin TX

Hiring a PR firm for your business or brand can seem daunting. You’ve worked incredibly hard to craft your brand and it can be scary to pass the reins over to a PR team. Before taking the plunge and securing that monthly retainer, make sure that you and your business are ready. Below are a few things you should consider before you commit to a PR firm.
Do you have a clear brand or message?
You need to be certain that you understand what you are wanting to promote and achieve in order for your PR campaign to be successful. If …

When To Hire A Publicist - San Antonio TX

Social Media Marketing Tips – Houston TX

Many companies and individuals reach a point in their career when they are ready to pull the trigger and hire a publicist. How does one know when it is the right time?  The following three exercises can help you determine if you are ready to hire a publicist.

You Have News To Report: Ask yourself if you have newsworthy information to release to the public. Are you opening a restaurant or hotel?  Do you have a new book to launch or art exhibition to promote?   Are you developing a new hotel or master planned community?   If the answer is yes, …

Social media metrics (Impressions vs Reach, 2019)

How Can PR Boutique Increase Client Exposure?
PR professionals encourage clients to give us creative freedom to come up with innovative marketing tools that will be most effective in this day and age. The Internet rules the world and the traffic among blogs and social media has never been stronger!

At The PR Boutique, we took the blogging idea and ran with it to create a blogger series with our client, River Oaks Shopping Center. We engaged two Houston blogging celebrities and well-known fashionistas, Emily Arnim and AshLee Frazier to be our first in a series of blogger partnerships. The two …

Angela Cordova promoted to Senior Accounts Manager

Public Relations Firm To Plan A Groundbreaking Event

How I found The PR Boutique
At the beginning of my journey into the unfamiliar terrain of post-grad life, I felt a little uneasy. I couldn’t see a clear path ahead as a PR Professional. Like a traveler driving for miles without a rest stop in sight, I was beginning to feel tired and anxious. That was until I saw a sign in the distance, like a bright orange W or beaver billboard.

The opportunity to intern at The PR Boutique was the welcomed sight I had been searching for. While some may not consider interning after college ideal, I knew …

New Website Launched! - San Antonio TX

The PR Boutique: The Alternative To Large Firms

The Houston office of The PR Boutique is proud to announce, Angela Cordova has been promoted to Senior Director of Accounts.

Angela started her career at The PR Boutique as an intern while attending the University of Houston and was hired in 2016 as a Junior Account executive.

A native Houstonian, Angela brings a strong communications background to The PR Boutique with experience in event planning and marketing prior to joining the team. Working primarily with restaurants, Angela’s love for food and cooking fuels her creativity in telling her client’s stories. She has extensive experience working with media to secure client …

PR Agency for Startups - San Antonio TX

When To Hire A Publicist – San Antonio TX

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, that with a little practice, can easily be mastered to launch your brand into the world’s view. With so many platforms and strategy options, it can difficult to navigate the waters of social media alone. We’ve gathered what we think are three key elements when tackling social media marketing for your business or brand. 
In the same way you prepare other aspects of your marketing plan, you need to create a strategy for the different platforms you intend to utilize. Each platform has different best practices for generating engagement, meaning you will most …

5 Ways to Reach your Public Relations’ Goals (Advice from The PR Boutique )

The PR Boutique recently sat down for a Q&A with Texas A&M PRSSA for advice about entering the job market, particularly in the public relations field, and the lessons that they’ve learned throughout their careers. Here’s a look at some of the tidbits we had to offer!

What are the best ways to get involved while in college?

Join an organization like PRSSA – this is a great first step, but don’t be afraid to branch out. For example, join a club focused on something you’re passionate about and act as the public relations director. You will have the opportunity to …

5 tips to prepare for a media interview (PR expert provides a media interview checklist)

How do you prepare your clients for the all important interview with the media? Media interviews are intimidating for even the most savvy.  Interviews with the media should be approached seriously, as they will impact your business. PR experts from our team provide a media interview checklist to prepare our clients. For example, below are our top 5 interview tips from a PR expert to ensure our clients are prepared for their media interviews.
1.  Be prepared for the media interview
Before each media interview, The PR Boutique provides each client a media confirmation. That is to say, this is a “cheat …

community involvement

Ways To Boost Community Involvement – Austin TX

Curious about social media management and how a PR firm can help increase your engagement and exposure? Social media management is the process of managing your business online interactions on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This process goes beyond simply posting to your accounts, it also entails engaging with your audience and looking for new ways to increase your reach and visibility. 


There are several ways to increase your reach and visibility including putting paid advertising dollars behind your posts or working with a social media influencer to promote your brand. At The PR Boutique, …

PR Packages For Small Businesses - San Antonio TX

Social Media Reputation Management – San Antonio TX

Like most things in today’s society, the PR landscape is rapidly evolving thanks to the advancement of technology. Traditional PR methods are no longer effective meaning businesses and PR firms need to find creative and high-tech ways to get the word out. Most clients’ gut reactions are that this change makes things complicated and overwhelmingly competitive. Although these things may be true, the new landscape of PR paves the way for creative news to shine which we believe is an exciting opportunity. 

As a regional PR firm, The PR Boutique not only has the boots on the ground advantage of …

Austin by April - Austin TX

Public Relations: Timing Is Everything – Houston TX

Think PR is Glamorous? Think Again.

I can’t tell you how many resumes we receive each week from recent graduates wanting to embark on the glamorous lifestyle of a public relations professional. If you’ve seen the new reality show on MTV, “The Spin Crowd”, you’d think we’re all Hollywood partygoers and fashion divas with cocktails in hand. Wrong. The truth is, a great publicist creates rockstars. They aren’t rockstars. The PR Boutique interns learn quickly that public relations is not just attending high profile restaurant openings or backstage passes to a Jay Z concert.

What is PR, really?

PR is waking up …

YOU BETTER WORK, PITCH – (How to write an effective media pitch 2019)

The most challenging aspect of PR is the pitch to attract media attention. It’s easy to copy and paste a previous media pitch and tweak it. However, this process quickly becomes stale. As a result, approach each new media pitch with a fresh mindset. In addition, stay future-focused, do research and get creative. So, I am sharing examples of how these steps worked for some of my clients: 

Stay Future-Focused (what is a media pitch list?)

Editorial calendars from relevant media outlets can be your best friend.

First, collect each publication’s media kit at the beginning of the year. Second, be sure …

Social Media Reputation Management - San Antonio TX

Why You Need More Than Traditional PR – Houston TX

Opening a new business is an exciting time and if thoughtfully planned, it can even be a newsworthy happening. Working with a PR firm to help launch your business into the market is a great way to ensure the word gets out.

If you plan on hosting a grand opening event at your new location, a PR firm can help boost attendance by way of longstanding media and influencer relationships. This can include creative media drops, postings on event calendars, and partnerships with influencers to name a few.

Not only can a PR firm assist in boosting attendance at …

Why You Need More Than Traditional PR - Houston TX

Hiring A PR Firm For A Grand Opening – Public Relations

In PR, timing is everything. There is an art to knowing when to pitch, follow up, and even scrap a story. One of the biggest issues we face as a firm is on-boarding with someone who has jumped the gun on an announcement. For a business getting off the ground or a long-standing company making a large announcement, it can be hard to keep exciting news under wraps. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you need to do. 

Just like with most anything else, first impressions with the media are everything. A common situation we find ourselves in with new clients …

Effective Social Media Management [PR Pro's Guide + Case Study]

Effective Social Media Management [PR Pro’s Guide + Case Study]


What is social media engagement?

Engaging means putting the social in social media. It is liking and commenting on other accounts’ posts as well as retweeting and following new accounts on social mediaplatforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Engagement can also mean how much other accounts interact with yours. The following will describe how engaging on your end will ultimately benefit your brand.


Who should utilize engagement?

Whether you are building a personal or professional platform, engagement is the best way to grow your following.Everyone can mutually benefit, and others will be excited to participate and increase …

Benefits of Hiring a PR Firm - Austin TX

Best PR Firms – San Antonio – Austin TX

In Public Relations we are constantly required to come up with creative ideas for our clients. It’s part of the thrill of working in PR. However, generating ideas is not limited to the creative professions. It applies to entrepreneurs and business people in even the banalest professions. So we thought we’d share with you a little gem: “A Technique for Producing Ideas”.

“A Technique for Producing Ideas” is a 64-page booklet written by the advertising executive James Webb Young in 1965. The unassuming book has stood the test of time by concisely outlining Young’s simple, yet effective method for generating …

The Importance of Influencers (PR Professional's Advice)

The Importance of Influencers (PR Professional’s Advice)

After a year as an intern and more than two years as an account executive, Angela Cordova was recently promoted to Senior Account Executive. She is a native Houstonian bringing a strong communications background to The PR Boutique with experience in event planning and marketing prior to joining the team. Working primarily with restaurants and retail clients, Angela’s love for food and cooking fuels her creativity in telling her client’s stories. She has extensive experience working with media to secure client coverage, along with social media content creation to help clients not only grow their platforms, but generate brand awareness. Angela …

Is It Time To Hire A Publicist? - San Antonio TX

Social Media Marketing & PR Firms – Houston TX

PR comes in all shapes and sizes and should never be approached as “One Firm Fits All”. For example, a small business that’s just getting started does not require the same man-power a statewide franchise requires. As a business grows so does the need and priority for media relations. At the outset, social media management and web-development may be a priority, but once those are established event marketing and media relations soon take center stage. Read our pointers below before you decide whether or not PR is necessary for your small business.
There’s More To Social Media Than Meets The …

Top PR Firm - Houston TX

Top PR Firm – Houston TX

If you’ve never worked with a PR team before, it can be tricky to know what to look for or how to get started. We’ve gathered some key elements to keep an eye out for when choosing a  top PR firm for your business.

Past Experience

If you work in a niche field, you may have a hard time finding a firm with past experience that matches your needs to a tee. However, there is a firm out there for almost every business.

When deciding on a firm to represent your company, it can be helpful to look for a …

Advertising vs. Public Relations (Explained) – Austin TX

So what’s the difference between public relations and advertising?

The two industries are different even though they’re commonly confused as being the same. Advertising can employ over the top techniques to get attention, while successful PR campaigns require more restraint. Here are some clear differences:

• Public Relations is a field concerned with creating good will and keeping a company/product /person in front of the public and top of mind with the media

• Advertising is paid for with the intent to persuade or remind an audience about a product/service/company with the intent of making a sale.

• Public relations campaigns require a …

Local Public Relations Agency

The PR Boutique Celebrates 15 Years with Client Roster Wins

Crisis Communication Described
An effective crisis communications plan is designed to protect and defend an individual, company or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. It can take a simple tweet or a national health crisis to in essence shut a business down and cause fear for its employees which can ultimately damage a reputation creating the importance of crisis communication.
Crisis Management Strategy
So, with a time of the essence, The PR Boutique will develop responses as part of a comprehensive crisis management strategy for limiting risks to your brand, including messaging crafted specifically for your employees, media, clients, and …

#nervousbutexcited BY Hillary McCleod - Austin TX

Why Hire a PR Firm to Plan an Event? – Houston TX

As a business or public figure, community involvement is important for maintaining your presence and increasing brand recognition. There are several ways to boost your community involvement, but it is important to consider events and opportunities that are relevant to your target demographic and will make the most sense for your business’ growth. Below are some avenues to consider when trying to increase your community presence. 


In every community, there are countless sponsorship opportunities. These can range from event sponsorships to school programs or even the maintenance of a green space in your city. This form of community involvement is …

Angela Cordova promoted to Senior Accounts Manager

Angela Cordova promoted to Senior Accounts Manager

Regardless of how established your company or brand is, getting the word out about a project breaking ground is always important. This is a great opportunity to let the community know about your presence and begin to build the hype of what is to come. And although these types of events will typically gain some media attention on their own, especially when they’re of substantial size, it is important to work with a team that can make sure the right eyes and ears are in attendance at your groundbreaking event. 

Hiring a public relations firm to plan a groundbreaking event …

College Students and Public Relations [Tips on Preparing for a Career in PR]

Goals are an essential component of PR. Goals of public relations are to create, maintain, and protect the organization’s reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image. However, goals are only as good as the strategies behind them. The strategies implemented should be clear and focused. To that end, we offer 5 actionable ways to reach your PR goals.


Understand your Client’s PR Goals

It’s not enough to know who your client is and what they do. It is important to understand their goals in hiring a PR agency. To do this, learn about their past accomplishments, and their current and …

When Should You Hire A PR Firm? - Austin TX

Are PR Firms Worth The Money? – Houston TX

Giving back to the community can seem time consuming and cost inefficient for a business. But have you ever considered that it could bolster your company and create new connections.  Here are a couple of reasons why your business could stand to benefit from becoming BFF with a non-profit organization.

1)   Connections

By creating close ties with a non-profit that is near and dear to your heart, you have the opportunity to meet dozens of like-minded individuals. That means potential customers all in one place with a captive ear, ready to hear about your growing business.

2)   Feel Good

Everyone knows the …

What Is Social Media Management? - Austin TX

When Should You Hire A PR Firm? – Austin TX

Working with a PR firm is certainly a big
investment, and for some, it may be difficult to judge if the cost is worth the
reward. Before your business overlooks hiring a PR firm, make sure that you
understand all that they can do for you. Here are some things to keep in mind
when deciding if the cost of a PR firm is right for your business.


Your business may be able to manage advertising
and social media, but it can be difficult to generate newsworthy buzz. A PR
firm is here to help your business find the right angles as well as the …

Effective Social Media Management [PR Pro's Guide + Case Study]

Social Media Marketing: Building Your Voice through Engagement

Companies are having to reprioritize during the pandemic and focus on being accountable and transparent. As COVID-19 continues to spread, people are relying on businesses and public or political figures to share information across social media platforms. Businesses are adapting their PR messaging and business practices in order to remain sensitive to the ongoing crisis.

At The PR Boutique, we have helped our clients adapt to the current environment by planning and adjusting PR messaging. Additionally, we are working to adjust our own PR messaging and internal business practices. Here are some helpful tips we have learned throughout this process:
Adjust …

New Website Launched! - San Antonio TX

What Makes a Top PR Firm – Houston TX

When launching, startups are in need of immediate brand awareness and audience growth, especially when competing against other industry giants. As a startup, it is important to establish your business or service early on against your industry’s competitors. Gaining positive media coverage can be the golden ticket to taking your startup to the next level and is definitely doable with a PR agency on your side.

If you are considering to hire a PR agency for your startup it is important to determine your goal.  Whether it be seeking investors for financial backing or company growth and brand awareness, it …

The Importance of Influencers (PR Professional's Advice)

Angela Cordova Promoted to Senior Director of Accounts

Social media marketing is an integral part of a well-rounded public relations plan. In the current digital age, the niche sector of influencer marketing is vital in maintaining an effective public relations strategy. For the first time, a strong presence on social media is worth more than traditional, expensive advertising space. Coupled with a variety of marketing tactics across a variety of platforms, influencers provide an easy way to gain an audience’s attention and trust

What makes an influencer an influencer?

Influencers are assets in online media, having gained recognition and respect from their numbers of followers. They can be found …

Social Media Marketing & PR Firms - Houston TX

PR Packages For Small Businesses – San Antonio TX

With the widespread use of social media, it can be difficult to control the flow of negative news or information. When situations arise that threaten the reputation and livelihood of a company or person, a PR firm can step in to implement reputation management. There are several approaches that can be taken to repair the damage caused online, however, there can be a downside to the available options when an audience is looking for a fault. 

Go Dark

Although it is not always our first recommendation, in some cases it is necessary to disable the comment sections of your social media …

Emily Tracy – Austin TX

Emily Tracy Account Coordinator 
Emily graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in English and Communication Studies. During her free time, she can be found exploring Austin’s cultural gems, hiking, cooking, or curled up with a good crossword puzzle. 

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Media Relations Media Relations are our specialty. We have deep and broad ties to leading members of the digital, print and broadcast media. Learn more here.

Related external post: Council Post: The Role Of …

Social Media Marketing Tips - Houston TX

Ready to hire a publicist? – San Antonio TX

There are many benefits of hiring a PR firm. Whether you are a new company, brand or looking to generate buzz, a solid public relations campaign makes your business or event newsworthy. News coverage is something that advertising dollars cannot buy, and it reaches people in a way that is informative instead of intrusive. Below are the various benefits of hiring a PR firm:

Media Relations

The PR Boutique has deep and expansive ties to leading members of the digital, print and broadcast media, including digital publications, newspapers, magazines, trade publications, radio, and television. One of the major benefits of hiring …

PR vs. Advertising - What's the difference? - Austin TX

CRAVING Attention: Do I need a PR Agency? – Public Relations

What keeps PR pros up-to-date on the latest news and trends? Mobile apps! And Austin’s got apps for days. The PR Boutique’s Principal Gretchen Brice stays in the know and tech-savvy with the following Austin-based applications.

Statesman – Breaking news from the local newspaper, The Austin American – Statesman, this app sends alerts straight to your phone to make sure you don’t miss a thing in the city you love.
Go Austin – Whether you’re already a local or traveling to Austin, this is the best app for navigating all the best from the live music capital of the world.
KUT 90.5 …

Social Media: 5 Ways to Improve Your Brand's Platform

The Benefits of Earned Media to Your Small Business

5 Amazing and Talented Women in PR (whole)
1 Student (male), Hispanic for flavor
2 teaspoons of Nerves
1 cup of Confidence
1 lb. of Talent, ground

Start with the Student—in this recipe; we used Marcos Gonzalez, PR intern from the University of Houston.

Make sure the Student is determined and ready to learn. Begin by prepping the Student with the lb. of ground Talent. Careful—too much and the flavor will be overwhelming, and too little will leave the Student bland and flavorless. Next, mix in the 2 teaspoons of Nerves. Let soak.

Preheat the Houston oven to 360°F (which shouldn’t be …

What Makes a Top PR Firm - Houston TX

PR Agency for Startups – San Antonio TX

There comes a time when nearly every business owner finds themselves asking when is the right time to hire a publicist. This question typically indicates one of two things. Either your company is not necessarily in need of a publicist but it could benefit from new and creative ways to attract business and media attention, or your company is at a point where PR assistance is an absolute must. 

Although every business is different, for an entrepreneur trying to get a concept off the ground there are often more beneficial outlets for a limited budget than traditional PR efforts. At …

PR Professional Advice: Getting into the industry

Inspired and Directed: From A Public Relations Intern

Texas’ most active city has plenty of fun events for all ages during the month of June.

From music to action sports to festivals, Austinites are in for a fun and busy June. So hold onto your seat as you read about the upcoming events this splendid city has to offer.

For the music lovers out there, 93.3 KGSR is hosting Blues on the Green at Zilker Park throughout the summer. Every other Wednesday, Zilker Park will be covered in blankets, coolers, and lawn chairs as families and friends enjoy an evening listening to up and coming bands for FREE. KGSR …

Ready to hire a publicist? - San Antonio TX

Benefits of Hiring a PR Firm – Austin TX

The City of San Antonio and its surrounding areas are experiencing rapid growth. As competition continues to move in and saturate the market, small businesses are forced to get creative in order to make their brand stand out. This is where a great PR team can help.

Working with a PR firm can help make your small business newsworthy and more actively involved in the San Antonio community. By sharing your story and exposing your San Antonio roots, a small business can quickly become a local hotspot or favorite brand which is something the competition cannot buy with ad …

Crisis Communications During COVID-19 – 2020 - Houston TX

YOU BETTER WORK, PITCH-PR Professional Guide

The PR Boutique announces the opening of its’ new office in Austin, TX.
Co-principle Gretchen Brice spearheads the new office where the company will serve a variety of clients in the Austin and San Antonio areas.  Located at Westbank Drive and Bee Caves Road, the expansion office will begin serving clients immediately.

Created by founders Karen Henry and Gretchen Ferguson in 2005, The PR Boutique serves a variety of clients ranging from business, entertainment, fashion, real estate, healthcare, restaurant and hospitality, retail and non-profit.   The boutique agency has been listed on the Houston Business Journal top 100 public relations firms for …

Media Training: Do You Need It? - Houston TX

Is It Time To Hire A Publicist? – San Antonio TX

The power that social media has over consumers should no longer come as a surprise. It’s the method a large percentage of the population communicates, digests the news, and shops. Therefore, it is more important than ever for businesses to have a clear and powerful brand on social media via a social media marketing campaign. This is where a PR firm can help. By working with a savvy and experienced team, you can take your business’s social pages to the next level and get you onto the screens of your target audience.

Although you may be an avid social …

Social Media Strategy: Write for “Buyer Personas”

PR AGENCY ESSENTIALS: Refresh, Reset, Recharge – Austin TX

Although there are virtually limitless ways to improve your search ranking, one of the most effective ways to increase your rank is actually easy: create keyword-rich title tags.

What is a title tag?

The title tag is the line of text at the top of your web browser above the web address.

Why is the title tag important?

The title tag communicates the topic of a particular web page to search engines. The title tag is also the exact same information shown in the first line of search results. So you can essentially control how you want Google to view your page as …

PR AGENCY ESSENTIALS: Refresh, Reset, Recharge - Austin TX

SEO Tip: Create Great Title Tags – 2018 Guide

Whether you have extensive experience working with a PR firm or are just starting to dip your toe in, you will soon discover that size matters when choosing a firm. At The PR Boutique, our team of experts offers Texas-based media relations and marketing solutions designed to meet the needs of each individual client. By strictly specializing in Texas PR efforts, our team has built an unmatched reputation amongst local media and partners. We have longstanding connections with outlets in every corner of the state and understand how to make your story newsworthy in every market. 


Though our team is …

Think Outside the Box - Definitive Guide to Grow Brand Awareness

Think Outside the Box – Definitive Guide to Grow Brand Awareness

Need to think outside the box? When a PR agency finds a media relations strategy that works, it’s easy for it to become a template applied to every client.

Here is the deal! While this cookie-cutter approach may generate some results, it gets tired fast.

Challenge yourself and your team to think creatively, not conveniently. Below are three ideas to break the mold and achieve PR success with out of the box thinking:

What’s your message?
Listen to your client and you will learn invaluable information. It’s easy to fall into a reporting-based style of communication, instead of engagement based. At The PR Boutique, we work …

How to chose the right PR Agency for your brand - Houston TX

Market Square Tower to Boast Pool with a View – Houston TX

A crisis occurs. It’s unanticipated and unpredictable, and you must act fast and stay ahead of the narrative. PR firms have the skills to help with crisis communications, especially during times like these. During the COVID-19 pandemic, crafting the right message for your community isn’t top of mind, but it is vital. No one knows your business like you, and we’re here to work with you to create a communications plan.
Invest During a Crisis
Now is the time to invest in social media and community outreach. During a crisis, it’s critical to update your customers. Quick and consistent updates are …

PR Professional Advice: Getting into the industry

A Recipe for Success Musings from Talented Women in PR

Finding Inspiration and Direction: FROM A PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERN
At the beginning of my journey into the unfamiliar terrain of post-grad life, I felt uncertain because I wanted a career in public relations and writing. Like a traveler driving for miles without a rest stop in sight, I was beginning to feel tired and anxious – that is until I saw a sign in the distance. Like a bright orange W or bucktoothed beaver billboard on the horizon, an opportunity to intern at The PR Boutique was the welcome sight I had been looking for. While some may not consider …