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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A PR Firm? (Updated)

How to implement effective social media marketing

In this new world of social media marketing, it can be difficult to know what type of content to post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This post is meant to help you create better content for your audience.

The first step is easy. Make sure your content is relevant to your area of expertise. You would think that would go without saying. However, that’s not enough. Second, and more importantly, know for whom you are writing. Do this by creating “buyer personas”.

Create “buyer personas” for your target customers

We recommend creating a “buyer persona” for each group in your target …

PR Professional Advice: Getting into the industry

How to chose the right PR Agency for your brand – Houston TX

Market Square Tower Pool

Apartments in the new Market Square Tower will have wood floors, oversized bathtubs, and custom closets. But what will stand out most about the building isn’t in any of the units?

When it opens later this year, the 40-story tower will have a rooftop pool with a see-through bottom that extends 10 feet beyond the building’s southern facade.

“We had a lot of debate whether we should do something that bold,” said Philip Schneidau, CEO of developer Woodbranch Investments Corp. “It’s been done in Europe and a couple places in the U.S., so we said, ‘Yeah, let’s …

Houston Real Estate Update How Public Relations Can Set Your Project Apart In Any Economy

Houston Real Estate Update How Public Relations Can Set Your Project Apart In Any Economy

Houston Texas modern skyline at sunset twilight from park lawn

The Houston real estate scene is still bustling with activity, particularly new construction. However tumbling oil prices have local and national real estate experts talking about who may really pay the price.  According to a recent Wall Street Journal article Houston represents one-sixth of all office space under construction in the entire U.S.


Luxury apartment complexes, custom built homes, and new office buildings give potential buyers and renters a plethora to choose from. As a real estate firm or builder, it is important to correctly assess your target audience and …

Sticky Wisdom: A Creative "Revolution" - Austin TX

#nervousbutexcited BY Hillary McCleod – Austin TX

Working with a PR firm to plan an event can be
much more beneficial than it may seem on the surface. Not only are you working
with an experienced event planning team, but you also have access to the firm’s
media relations expertise to help create a newsworthy event.

Having a PR team present on the day of the event
allows them to work directly with the media to give an inside look and write
articles from the center of the action. The team can also assist in day-of
social media posting to make sure that the excitement of the event is captured
and portrayed through …

Inspired and Directed: From A Public Relations Intern

Embrace Your Inner Weirdness at Austin’s Upcoming Events

The PR Boutique celebrated its 15th anniversary this month with a festive “Crystal Ball” party at B.B. Lemon in downtown Houston. The restaurant’s intimate terrace was filled with friends, family, current and past clients dating as far back as the firm’s inception in 2004. Surrounded by good company, guests enjoyed signature crystal martinis, light bites, and palm readings while reflecting upon the firm’s rapid growth in the past 15 years, including doubling in size and expanding into the Austin and San Antonio markets.

Karen Henry and Gretchen Brice founded The PR Boutique in 2004 after
years of experience and accomplished …

Austin by April - Austin TX

Media Mavens – San Antonio TX

Austin April List of Fun!
As Texas publicists, part of our job is to stay informed about local events. Here comes Austin in April.

It ensures we don’t schedule anything important that might conflict and gives us a chance to mingle with fellow professionals and journalists. And, perhaps most importantly, it allows us to stay involved in and learn more about our great Texas cities.

Any Austinite knows there is never a shortage of events, festivals, fairs or concerts in our fair city. When spring officially arrives, the weather warms up.  Furthermore, there’s a seemingly non-stop schedule of can’t miss, won’t miss …

Austin by April - Austin TX

Austin by April – Austin TX

Need a Media Maven!  Of course, you do.

Our team of PR experts knows that a successful pitch starts with building and maintaining relationships with media contacts. Here are some tips:
-Do your homework. Make a list of all local media outlets.  Research who covers each beat and determine which is the best fit for your client.  Include media contact’s name, email address, phone number and office address in your list.
-Say hello. Reach out to producers, editors, writers or bloggers by phone or email and say hello. Tell them your current client base and how they prefer to receive information.
-Love spreadsheets. Create a master …

Best PR Firms - San Antonio - Austin TX

A Good Idea for Good Ideas – Houston TX

Considering hiring a PR agency but aren’t quite sure what they can do for you? We’ve broken down a PR agency’s major roles and how they can help promote your business. 

PR agencies, as opposed to advertising, promote companies or people byway of media coverage. A key component of this is that the media is “free” or “earned” – such as online or print articles, magazine features, and TV segments – rather than “paid media” such as advertisements. 

Though PR agencies and advertising agencies share the same goals – promoting their clients – their paths to generating buzz are vastly different. …

Tales from the Travels - Houston TX

Market with Pinterest – Austin TX

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been at the root of marketing efforts for many years. So what is SEO? How does it work? And how can you implement it into your business model?

SEO is an algorithmic system that uses keywords from searches to pull a number of relevant web results. For example, if you search Google for “PR Agencies Austin,” the list of results that appear are presented due to the SEO algorithm in place. 

SEO algorithms are constantly changing and improving meaning that there is a need for strategy. A basic SEO strategy needs to be customized to …

Communications Plan - Why your business needs one (2020)

PUMPS AND A PLAN: A PR Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Party

Houston intern, Summer 2014

As a PR major, the bulk of your classes focus on journalism. From day one, professors tell you the relationship between public relations and the media is a dependant and precarious one. One day we can be on the best of terms and the next be on the defensive depending on what story is written. During my time interning at The PR Boutique I’ve learned the importance of knowing which outlets will be the best in which to showcase your client.
It is not only enough to be able to write in the correct format with all …

Pitch Perfect: The Science of Media Relations – Austin TX

Understanding the Difference Between Ads and Earned Media

While both advertising and public relations build a brand’s image, the difference lies in the methods used to accomplish their goals.  Advertising space is what we call “paid media.” Public relations is “earned” by giving journalists information through engaging pitches, press releases, and images to tell the proposed story. The following points show some of the differences between the two. Adding a strong public relations team to your business’s profile raises your brand’s awareness and reputation. 


Consider your goals when deciding whether or not your business needs advertising or public relations.

Advertising goals inform the public …


Social media impressions and social media reach are two phrases that are often thrown around when it comes to social media metrics. Learning the difference between the two and knowing when to measure which will help set your content apart.
Social media metrics: The difference between reach and impressions
Reach means the number of people who have seen your content while impressions are the number of times your content is displayed. Impressions will always be greater than or at least equal to reach. One customer can have multiple impressions with the same piece of content, while reach measures the number of …

Sticky Wisdom: A Creative "Revolution" - Austin TX

Sticky Wisdom: A Creative “Revolution” – Austin TX

#nervousbutexcited BY Hillary McCleod, intern with The PR Boutique Austin
In March I accepted an internship in a city I had never been to that was 1332 miles away from my small hometown in North Carolina. Although internships only last for the summer, I decided to take a chance.

I gathered up my belongings and moved to Austin, the most eccentric city I will ever call home. I’ve only been here for three full days but based on the delicious food I have devoured I may never leave.

Thank goodness this is an active city! I am so excited for everything Austin …

To Be a PR Rockstar, Create a Rockstar - Public Relations

To Be a PR Rockstar, Create a Rockstar – Public Relations

As COVID-19 continues to reshape our daily lives, business owners must consistently pursue creative and effective ways to reach their audiences. A great way to do so is to host one-of-a-kind virtual events to keep clients or potential customers engaged with your brand. Depending on your business’s industry, different events may be more effective and organic than others, however, there are several key elements that are a necessary part of a successful event. Below are a few things to consider when planning your next virtual event.
Who’s Your Host?
Any good event planner knows that a good host is a key …

Partnering with Bloggers to Increase Client Exposure

Partnering with Bloggers to Increase Client Exposure

Whether you have a small business or large corporate company, hiring a PR firm can seem like a daunting task. An overwhelming concern for any business owner is how much will the service cost and will they see a return. The short answer is: it depends. 

The success of any investment truly depends on quality. At The PR Boutique, our team consists of experts across several industries with extensive backgrounds in PR and marketing. We have strong relationships with journalists across the state of Texas and work tirelessly to further strengthen our presence amongst media and influencers. Taking on a …

Social Media Strategy: Write for “Buyer Personas”

Social Media Strategy: Write for “Buyer Personas”

Working in a fast-paced PR agency today can be full of highs and lows. One minute I’m mingling with Houston’s top media and influencers at an event and the next I’m back to square one with a media pitch that was supposed to grab media’s attention – and didn’t. Here are three simple ways I like to refresh, reset and recharge to stay at my best for my clients:
Rearrange my “To-Do” List

Sometimes the press release I scheduled to write Monday morning just happens to be the same time I experience writer’s block. When I’m “stuck” on something too long, I quickly glance at my …

PR vs. Advertising - What's the difference? - Austin TX

PR vs. Advertising – What’s the difference? – Austin TX

When do you need a PR AGENCY? Well, one client recently reached out with a situation and how to handle it. In June 2018, CRAVE commemorated their 10thbirthday with a giant cupcake that serves 8 to 10 people and a multitude of throwback flavors dating back to the very beginning of the cup “cakery”.

Upon debuting their new cupcake and flavors and with the help of The PR Boutique, CRAVE received major attention from local media, including a spread in Houston Hotel Magazine.

CRAVE knew they needed a professional PR agency to help ramp up their media relations and social media, as …

Giving Back Is The New Black - San Antonio TX

Giving Back Is The New Black – San Antonio TX

Media training is an important and highly effective step in developing the skills necessary to get your message across succinctly and with impact. Not only is becoming an effective spokesperson important for your brand, but it also helps leverage you as an industry expert. Once you become an established, trusted source with the media, they will continue to turn to you for expert commentary on your field. Below are several reasons why you should consider media training before your next PR push.
Learn to Speak with Confidence
A major benefit of media training is that it can help you overcome your …

5 Tips to Improve your Social Media Strategy – Houston TX

Navigating new social media can be confusing. Between tweets, Facebook posts, Foursquare check-ins, and YouTube videos, your message can get distorted by all the many outlets available these days to share information. It is important to deliver a focused and strategic message that puts your company’s best “tweet” forward. Here are five tips to consider when implementing a social media strategy.

1)   Be Creative

Since your business is competing with millions of content on the World Wide Web, it is imperative for your organization to differentiate from others. This can be a daunting task, but realizing what your business does differently …

PR Services Offered - San Antonio TX

Tales from the Travels – Houston TX

Market with Pinterest
Pinterest is the new social media darling on the web, but do you know how to start market with Pinterest?

Should your business even be using Pinterest?

To find out, follow these tips and tricks to get started with the newest social site that has the potential to drive enormous amounts of traffic and increase brand awareness.
Great for Lifestyle Brands
Pinterest is an excellent source for lifestyle brands that want to showcase their goods with a personal and authentic touch to their customer outreach.

Curating beautiful images from around the web into mood boards can inspire your fans and allow them …

Keep Austin Wired: 7 Austin iPhone Apps - San Antonio TX

Keep Austin Wired: 7 Austin iPhone Apps – San Antonio TX

For businesses with PR and marketing strategies in place, it is vital to establish thorough reporting methods to track the effectiveness of all efforts. In doing so, your business is ensuring that the dollars and time spent on any one tactic is fulfilling its ROI. This also helps to eliminate ineffective methods as quickly as possible, therefore reducing excessive costs. 
What We Do
As a PR agency, our team has established standard reporting documents. In addition, we build unique templates for each of our clients’ needs. We update these as often as weekly in order to track our efforts and demonstrate …

A Social Science – Houston TX

In today’s social-media-obsessed world, businesses strive to be mentioned, liked, favorited, retweeted, followed and pinned just to stay relevant.

Marketing brands through social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook is vital for a business to stay connected to the consumer. Many of our Houston and Austin public relations clients look to us to plan and implement their social media campaigns.

There is an art to each social media platform. Here, we break down a few tips and tricks for Houston and Austin brands to brave the always-evolving social media terrain.


The most important part of Pinterest is timing. The pins …

Say Cheese! Picking the Perfect Event Photographer

Say Cheese! Picking the Perfect Event Photographer

With the changing media landscape, the PR Industry is on the rise. If you enjoy relationship building and have a knack for storytelling, PR could be for you. Are you looking to break into the PR Industry but don’t know how? We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tactics to make you a PR professional.

Watch your social media (A PR professional will check!)
PR is all about reputation building. Social media is a huge part of today’s hiring landscape. PR professionals will check your social media and online presence when hiring. It is important to present yourself in a positive light …

PR and the Media: The Best of Frenemies By Rachel Black

PR and the Media: The Best of Frenemies By Rachel Black

Promoting a brand via social media has become harder as platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) continue to grow and as more companies hop on the bandwagon. Through social media management, public relations professionals are always looking for ways to keep our clients’ platforms relevant and consistent. This helps them grow their brand awareness and build on their audiences.

Here are 5 ways to use social media to further your brand:
Remain consistent across all social media platforms
Consistency is one of the most important aspects of brand awareness. People will begin to recognize certain trends or themes across your social media …

From New York to Houston, with Love by Danielle Rosegarten

From New York to Houston, with Love by Danielle Rosegarten

Instagram Likes: Will they be missed?
On November 14th, 2019, Instagram announced its plans to hide likes globally. Testing this new feature out in several countries, the reviews have been mixed. Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, said this change aims to “creat a less pressurized environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.”

Influencers on the app find that Instagram likes offer feedback on their posts. That may be partially true, but most users find that likes provide a sense of validation. Hiding likes is just one of the ways the platform has changed since its birth nearly a decade ago.
What if …

Community Outreach 101 - Austin TX

New Website Launched! – San Antonio TX

No matter what your industry our how large your business, choosing a PR firm is a big decision. There are several factors to consider and some key things to look out for when searching for a top PR firm in your area. Below are a few vital elements that a PR firm must have to make it to the top.
You most likely are hiring a PR firm because you need someone who has the skill set to best represent your brand and secure earned media. When choosing a firm, you should find a team that is well-versed in your …