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Although there are virtually limitless ways to improve your search ranking, one of the most effective ways to increase your rank is actually easy: create keyword-rich title tags.

What is a title tag?

The title tag is the line of text at the top of your web browser above the web address.

Why is the title tag important?

The title tag communicates the topic of a particular web page to search engines. The title tag is also the exact same information shown in the first line of search results. So you can essentially control how you want Google to view your page as well as how a user views your web page in search results.

How do you create a good title tag?

• No longer than 70 characters long (including spaces)
• Incorporate the most relevant keywords and phrases for the specific web page
• Identify your company (if you are not well known company, we recommend at the end)

Let’s take the imaginary company Italian Live, an online language school that teaches Italian language classes over the internet to students across the globe. A good title tag for its home page might be:

Online Italian Lessons | Learn Italian Online | Italian Live

• 60 characters long
• Two keyword phrases at the beginning
• Name of company last

What is an example of a bad title tag?

A painful thing to see is a beautifully designed website with poor title tags. It happens all the time. After all, writing keyword-rich title tags is not always of utmost importance to designers, whose primary concern is aesthetic. Here are some examples of common, but poor, title tags that do not incorporate keywords:

• Home
• Index (another name for “Home Page”
• Welcome
• Company Name (Unless you are Coke or Google, just your company name is not sufficient)

I’ve written my title tags, how do I place them on my site?

If you have a content management system (CMS system like WordPress or Joomla), ask your web master to show you how to place them into your site. However, if you don’t have a CMS and are not familiar with HTML code, send the title tags for each web page to your web master and he or she should be able to pop them in for you with ease.

Don’t forget all your web pages

Now you’ve got the tools to create excellent title tags and increase your visibility with search engines like Google. But, don’t forget to create separate title tags for each web page on your site. Every web page has distinct content, so make sure you let search engines know how this content differs from other pages on your site.

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