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There comes a time when nearly every business owner finds themselves asking when is the right time to hire a publicist. This question typically indicates one of two things. Either your company is not necessarily in need of a publicist but it could benefit from new and creative ways to attract business and media attention, or your company is at a point where PR assistance is an absolute must. 



Although every business is different, for an entrepreneur trying to get a concept off the ground there are often more beneficial outlets for a limited budget than traditional PR efforts. At an early stage of a business concept or product idea, marketing and long-term branding tactics should be your key expenses. Though there are still benefits of working with a PR team, be sure to look for someone who can also assist with more than promotion and traditional media relations. 


Small Businesses

A small business with a handful of employees that is seeing continual growth is in a prime position to hire a publicist. Not only can a PR firm assist with managing traditional media opportunities and social media management, but they can also assist in crafting your brand’s public message and increase its relevancy in your industry. Taking the leap to hire a publicist on retainer may be too large of an investment for your small business right now. If this is the case, consider working with a PR firm on a short-term basis, such as three to six months, to get the ball rolling and hone in your messaging and media presence. 


Mid-To-Large Businesses

At a certain point, for a mid-to-large sized business, having a PR firm on retainer becomes non-negotiable. If your business frequently garners media attention, having a PR firm in place to monitor what is being said and craft responses to strengthen your reputation is vital. A PR firm can also support a company by leveraging your brand or its spokesperson as a key expert when a media opportunity arises in your industry. 


For more information on how The PR Boutique can help your business become newsworthy, visit our services page. PR is not one size fits all, and our team is here to offer you the support your company needs to make its mark in the Texas market. 


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PR Agency for Startups – ThePRBoutique.com San Antonio TX. PR is not one size fits all, and our team is here to offer you the support your company needs to

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