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Public Relations Firm To Plan A Groundbreaking Event

Regardless of how established your company or brand is, getting the word out about a project breaking ground is always important. This is a great opportunity to let the community know about your presence and begin to build the hype of what is to come. And although these types of events will typically gain some media attention on their own, especially when they’re of substantial size, it is important to work with a team that can make sure the right eyes and ears are in attendance at your groundbreaking event. 

Hiring a public relations firm to plan a groundbreaking event helps to ensure that your project will run smoothly and get the right type of media attention. With a PR firm by your side, you’ll have a team of experts who are able to handle all aspects of the event from coordinating with vendors to sending media invites and facilitating interviews. 

Inviting key media to your event is only half of the challenge of hosting a successful groundbreaking event. Once the media is there, you’ll need to be sure they are capturing engaging content, gathering key information, and speaking to a spokesperson for direct quotes or air time. This gives a PR firm the opportunity to provide prepared talking points for the spokesperson and direct the media towards noteworthy attractions, something that would otherwise be lacking if embarking on the endeavor alone.  

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