PR and the Media: The Best of Frenemies By Rachel Black
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PR and the Media: The Best of Frenemies By Rachel Black

Promoting a brand via social media has become harder as platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) continue to grow and as more companies hop on the bandwagon. Through social media management, public relations professionals are always looking for ways to keep our clients’ platforms relevant and consistent. This helps them grow their brand awareness and build on their audiences.

Here are 5 ways to use social media to further your brand:

Remain consistent across all social media platforms

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of brand awareness. People will begin to recognize certain trends or themes across your social media platforms. They will begin to associate those trends and themes to your brand. This will help to grow your audience and increase engagement. Using certain color schemes throughout, sticking to a voice that is unique to your brand, using the same key message and keeping each social platform visually similar are all great ways to stay consistent.

Keep content up to date

In today’s world,  anyone can access information in a matter of seconds. It is vital for companies to keep information like store hours, location, products, etc. up to date on social media. Audiences are referring back to social media for this information, so it is important that it is accurate in order to keep customers happy and engaged.

Engage with followers and similar brands 

Customers or clients enjoy seeing brands they follow engage with their followers. This shows that the brand cares what its followers are talking about. It also shows that they are actively listening and learning from their feedback, whether it be positive or negative. Engaging with other brands that are similar to yours can also help grow your following. It helps establish a positive reputation and allows followers of those other accounts to see your name and potentially follow. Click here for more ways to engage on social media.

Choose social media platforms that match your target audience.

Not all audiences will be active on every social media platform. Younger crowds are more engaged on Instagram or Twitter; whereas, an older audience is more inclined to follow on Facebook. There are also instances where having a certain profile is not necessarily relevant. Platforms like LinkedIn are best for business to business conversations rather than promoting a brand to customers. Tailoring content to fit a certain platform is important for building a brand.

Stay transparent and honest.

Transparency is increasingly important, especially in times like this. Customers are relying on social media to find out what their favorite brands are doing to ensure their safety. Showing customers the precautionary steps you are taking builds trust. It shows your audience that you are taking their safety and safety of your employees seriously during these uncertain times.


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PR and the Media: The Best of Frenemies By Rachel Black. Social media is great for your brand, but it’s only worth what you make of it. Improve your bran

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