Internship Reflection: Ruthie Rosser

Public Relations has always been my passion. Throughout the years of preparing myself to start a career in PR, I have completed several internships and held strong leadership positions to explore my interests and build my academic strengths. And with The PR Boutique, I was able to further pursue my passion and build professional relationships during my Fall 2020 internship.

My job always kept me on my toes, in the best way possible: no two days looked the same. From social media content creation and scheduling, drafting up clients’ blogs and media advisories, to researching client competition and creating media outreach for editorial calendars, I gained valuable work experience not only from the tasks given but also from the guidance of my supervisors. I also realized that learning about PR in an academic setting and in real life are two very different practices.

To borrow the words of a famous author, John C. Maxwell, “people may hear your words, but they feel your attitude,” the emphasis of a “good attitude” derives from a positive work culture and environment. Having a fancy high rise office or being in a big fortune 500 company might be a picture-perfect perk; however, none of these can compare to a positive, encouraging, and supportive work environment. Working at PR Boutique, one of the many things that made me fall in love with this company were my co-workers. As an intern, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and menial at the same time. However, at PR Boutique, I was not treated as the stereotypical intern who fetches coffee for her boss. I was treated as a PR rep with valid ideas and was given creative direction and freedom. My thoughts, inputs, and work were valued among my peers and the team.

I appreciate my time at PR Boutique and was so happy that I was given the opportunity to pursue this professional experience. The various opportunities provided by the internship and the unique circumstances of it being remote, helped me improve my time management skills and strengthen my oral and written communication skills in a professional setting. I cannot wait to see where my future is headed!