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PR Professional Advice: Getting into the industry

How to chose the right PR Agency.

As a top PR agency, with offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, we know how important it is to hire a firm that is the right fit for your company and brand. At the PR Boutique, we service a variety of clients and pride ourselves on being a PR agency that masters in media relations, event marketing, community outreach and social media campaigns.

We pride ourselves on developing close and lasting relationships with our clients and furthering their brand mission by putting them in the spotlight.

We know what we are doing, and we know what a company should research prior to retaining a PR agency.

Before you begin your research, know what you want to get from a PR agency.

Once you have that established, you need to determine if the agency you are considering aligns with your company’s background and values.

You also need to look to see the type of clients the PR agency is working with.  Followed up with whom they have worked with in the past. This background knowledge helps you determine whether or not they are familiar with a variety of industries.  Furthermore, if they know how to work with media across these industries.

Knowing your budget from the get-go is important.  The reason is so that you can establish if your future PR agency’s fees fit within your budget.

The location of the PR agency can be vital in your ultimate choice of agency.

For example, The PR Boutique has offices in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.  This allows our Texas PR firm to have a regional reach.

This is something many of our clients find beneficial. Because we have “boots on the ground” and are able to spread their message across many different areas.

Finally, the size of the agency is important. The agency needs to be able to handle the size of your account, whether it is large or small.

If the PR agency in question passes the smell test, then set a meeting.  Be sure to take notes on whether or not they did their research on your company and your competitors.


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PR Professional Advice: Getting into the industry. How to chose the right PR Agency for your brand. Read our definitive guide. Our step by step pro

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Roseann Rogers Roseann Rogers is originally from Kentucky but considers Houston home after spending more than 25 years here. She has recently joined The PR Boutique team.

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