Trevor Thompson

Trevor Thompson

Director of Accounts Houston

Trevor Thompson brings an advertising and entertainment background to The PR Boutique. Before starting her career at the PR Boutique, Trevor coupled her love of music and film with public relations by working with companies such as Livenation, Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures. As Director of Accounts at The PR Boutique, Trevor oversees all Account Executives with her gentle leadership and astute perspective as well as providing fresh and honest feedback. Currently, Trevor balances her interests in real estate, travel, restaurants and nonprofits through her diverse client roster.

Trevor graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in both advertising and English and is a member of the Slipper Club and volunteers at Texas Children’s Hospital. A Beaumont native, Trevor is a true Southeast Texan through and through and enjoys cooking her family’s signature “Cajun-inspired” dishes. A zest for travel has guided her to countries like Norway, England, Australia and to even visit the always friendly Kiwis in New Zealand.

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