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How I found The PR Boutique

At the beginning of my journey into the unfamiliar terrain of post-grad life, I felt a little uneasy. I couldn’t see a clear path ahead as a PR Professional. Like a traveler driving for miles without a rest stop in sight, I was beginning to feel tired and anxious. That was until I saw a sign in the distance, like a bright orange W or beaver billboard.

The opportunity to intern at The PR Boutique was the welcomed sight I had been searching for. While some may not consider interning after college ideal, I knew this was the right decision. I can honestly say that my time interning at The PR Boutique became one of my most valuable post-grad experiences. I learned essential skills from PR professionals. These skills include conducting research, compiling media mentions, and writing press releases. The internship renewed sense of confidence, direction and motivation.

What I learned from PR Professionals

During my two months, I learned so much from truly capable and driven women. I saw how much work goes into telling each client’s story and cultivating their relationships within the community. Just as the production crew works long hours behind the scenes, these PR professionals work hard to ensure that each performance goes smoothly. I was thankful to be a part of a team that helps clients stand out while gracefully juggling a whirlwind of responsibilities. At The PR Boutique, I experienced a little bit of everything from assisting with event planning, researching key audiences, and writing posts to suit a variety of clients. Through it all, I felt fortunate to work with a team that wanted to support me and nurture growth.

My future career as a PR Professional

While there’s still no clear destination on the horizon, I now feel I can walk with assurance and purpose knowing I’ve gained skills and relationships thanks to these PR professionals. I’m so thankful that I stopped at The PR Boutique as I continue my journey pursuing my passion. Though I don’t know exactly what the future holds, I feel refreshed and equipped to tackle new challenges. I look forward to utilizing these experiences to be prepared for whatever is next.



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Public Relations Firm To Plan A Groundbreaking Event. Finding inspiration and direction from PR Professionals through an internship

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