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Public Relations: Timing Is Everything – Houston TX

Think PR is Glamorous? Think Again.

I can’t tell you how many resumes we receive each week from recent graduates wanting to embark on the glamorous lifestyle of a public relations professional. If you’ve seen the new reality show on MTV, “The Spin Crowd”, you’d think we’re all Hollywood partygoers and fashion divas with cocktails in hand. Wrong. The truth is, a great publicist creates rockstars. They aren’t rockstars. The PR Boutique interns learn quickly that public relations is not just attending high profile restaurant openings or backstage passes to a Jay Z concert.

What is PR, really?

PR is waking up at 4am to oversee a 5am morning show TV segment to promote an evening event that ends at midnight. When you are knee deep in planning a long-term media relations campaign for one client, you’ve got to pitch another to bloggers in the next five minutes.  After the invitations for a launch party are in the mail, your client informs you the event has been pushed back a week. How’s that for being a rockstar?

What makes a good publicist?

Creativity – A good publicist is constantly creating:  creating new media pitches, creating event themes, creating social marketing campaigns, creating clever web site content.  You must create 24-hours a day, whether it’s dreaming of ideas in our sleep or brainstorming at the office.


Confidence – Even in today’s tech savvy environment, a PR professional can’t hide behind their Mac. You must be convincing, not only through email, but also over the phone and in person. Therefore, confidence is vital. Journalists trust public relations professionals to provide them with valuable story ideas.  If you aren’t sure about your ideas, a journalist can see through you in two seconds.

Passion – Passion will make or break a publicist. If you aren’t excited about a product, it’s difficult to tell it’s story. If you aren’t an enthusiastic storyteller, the media will not listen. And without passion, you won’t make it through 16-hour days.


Perseverance – You must have thick skin to be a publicist.  You are behind the scenes and need to make things appear seamless when they can be anything but that.  When working for a PR agency you encounter dozens of personalities daily.  You work with multiple clients, members of the media, vendors and co-workers, all while staying abreast of the latest technological trends.

Still want to be PR Rockstar?

Are you are passionate, hard working, and love fast-paced and ever-changing environment? If so, then go for it! We wouldn’t change our jobs for the world.


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