Crisis Communications PR

Communications Plan – Why your business needs one (2020)

Crisis Communication Described

An effective crisis communications plan is designed to protect and defend an individual, company or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. It can take a simple tweet or a national health crisis to in essence shut a business down and cause fear for its employees which can ultimately damage a reputation creating the importance of crisis communication.

Crisis Management Strategy

So, with a time of the essence, The PR Boutique will develop responses as part of a comprehensive crisis management strategy for limiting risks to your brand, including messaging crafted specifically for your employees, media, clients, and investors.

Types Of Crisis Communication

The stages of a tailored crisis communication plan outline a set of guidelines used to prepare a business for an emergency or unexpected events, such as a pandemic, hurricane, or financial downturn. Different types of crisis communication focus on your specific company’s response and how it will communicate with its stakeholders. These carefully planned crisis management strategies ensure information reaches employees, partners, customers, media, the general public, and any other valuable stakeholders. Most importantly, these crisis communications training and plans guarantee a quick release of information, as well as a consistent message on all company platforms.

Crisis Communications Training

The PR Boutique will detail your personal crisis communication plan and management as a set of guidelines used to prepare your business for an emergency or unexpected event. Our expert team will prepare and train your spokespersons to make sure they have the skills, the right position and training to effectively speak to the crisis.