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PR AGENCY ESSENTIALS: Refresh, Reset, Recharge

Working in a fast-paced PR agency today can be full of highs and lows. One minute I’m mingling with Houston’s top media and influencers at an event and the next I’m back to square one with a media pitch that was supposed to grab media’s attention – and didn’t. Here are three simple ways I like to refresh, reset and recharge to stay at my best for my clients:

Rearrange my “To-Do” List

Sometimes the press release I scheduled to write Monday morning just happens to be the same time I experience writer’s block. When I’m “stuck” on something too long, I quickly glance at my to-do list and see what else needs to be done and do one of the pressing items. Crossing a few things off my list and another cup of CRAVE (my fav) coffee works wonders when I need to refocus.

Get a Fresh Perspective

I value creating long-term relationships with my PR agency clients and enjoy being part of their growth. I do have moments when I’ve thought of every creative media pitch angle or event theme and cannot find inspiration. So, I reach out to the other AE’s in our office. Chatting through an idea with our collaborative team or asking for help editing a media pitch or press release often provides the “punch” I’m missing.


Scanning emails waiting for a message from a news or lifestyle editor or scrolling through social media platforms such as Instagram to find the latest influencer are essential PR agency responsiblities I find myself doing out of office. To maintain work-life balance and combat burnout, I make time to “unplug” during the workweek. A class at one of my favorite Houston fitness studios (ask me about my favorites!) means an hour away from my phone and laptop torecharge my personal batteries.

Rachel Ebersole – The PR Boutique Houston – Account Executive

May 15, 2018