Say Cheese! Picking the Perfect Event Photographer
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Say Cheese! Picking the Perfect Event Photographer

With the changing media landscape, the PR Industry is on the rise. If you enjoy relationship building and have a knack for storytelling, PR could be for you. Are you looking to break into the PR Industry but don’t know how? We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tactics to make you a PR professional.


Watch your social media (A PR professional will check!)

PR is all about reputation building. Social media is a huge part of today’s hiring landscape. PR professionals will check your social media and online presence when hiring. It is important to present yourself in a positive light across all platforms. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram help employers get a glimpse of who you are. Before posting on social media, consider what a potential employer might see.


Gain useful internship experience as a PR professional

When recruiting, most employers will prioritize skills and experience. When considering kickstarting your PR career, start with an internship. During an internship, you will work alongside PR professionals. You will also gain hands-on experience. Internships are a way to gain relevant knowledge. While learning, you will also make important connections in the field. By interning, you can also narrow what you prefer (or don’t prefer) to do.


Know what’s going on in the media

Staying on top of the news is essential for all PR professionals. A good understanding of the media and current affairs gives you a competitive edge. Staying up to date allows you to align your clients with trending topics. When determining the strongest ways to reach your target audience, knowledge of current events helps. Knowing the media landscape is key. After all, these are the people you will be pitching stories to. It is also helpful to read up on industry blogs to learn what it’s like for PR professionals in action.


Brush up on your writing skills

Though creativity is a vital quality, a career in public relations also requires a lot of writing. PR professionals write press releases, pitches, media alerts and much more. To succeed in PR, it is important to have a passion for writing and good communication skills. A PR pro will need to be able to adapt how they write for different audiences. The goal is to persuade your target audience with the appropriate tone and message.


Remember that PR is about people

You never know where you could meet a useful contact. PR professionals are always networking. Public relations is all about building relationships in your field. While online presence is important, getting to know a client personally will also yield great success. It never hurts to shake hands or grab coffee. Never turn down an opportunity to work with people face-to-face, and remember to stay engaged.



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