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Social Media: 5 Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Platform

As compared to paid advertising, earned media is more valuable to reach consumers as it is more genuine and reliable in a world full of paid-for advertising clutter. Not only is earned media or editorial content more dependable from a consumer’s viewpoint since it is written from an outsider’s perspective, but it saves you money and builds brand awareness.

Small businesses are already typically viewed as more trustworthy than larger companies, and when paired with the dependability and reach of earned media, these businesses experience an extra boost that often proves to be invaluable to their brand. This is a result of the positive impact on the way consumer’s view companies, as well as the outcome of higher conversion rates many businesses encounter as an effect of earned media.

How, then, can small businesses who are more unfamiliar to the public gain earned media, you may ask? Hiring a PR specialist may be your best answer and here’s why:

– PR specialists already have media contacts. Relationships take time to grow, and a good PR agency will already have meaningful contacts. This saves you the trouble of searching for people to reach out to and then having to make an introduction that is not necessarily destined to even lead to anything more than that.
– PR agencies know what works and what does not. Fortunately, when hiring an experienced PR group, the publicist has knowledge not known among people outside of the industry. This allows PR experts to cut to the chase and tackle your business needs without wasting your time.
– PR experts know how to pitch the kind of story the media wants to hear. Publicists frame your pitch in a way that appeals to the journalists which can lead to a media hit. PR specialists are familiar with the reporting styles of each outlet and are trained in creatively pitching reports, narratives and communicating your business’s competitive edge.
– A PR firm is an extension of your brand and elevates it on your behalf. The account executive creates story ideas for potential media placement opportunities, posts to social media, plans events and influencer programming to foster the goals and identity of your small business.

PRB takes pride in our ability to land clients earned media placements and have been thrilled with the way our clients have been portrayed through local and national media in the past. Take a look at a few of our favorite recent earned media hits below.
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40-story Market Square Tower fills up faster than expected
Ritzy River Oaks open house celebrates multi-million dollar Houston properties

by Christen Leggett

July 25, 2018


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Social Media: 5 Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Platform. Earned Media! what is it and how can it help me grow my business. Review the benefits of Earned

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