Effective Social Media Management [PR Pro's Guide + Case Study]
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Social Media Marketing: Building Your Voice through Engagement

Companies are having to reprioritize during the pandemic and focus on being accountable and transparent. As COVID-19 continues to spread, people are relying on businesses and public or political figures to share information across social media platforms. Businesses are adapting their PR messaging and business practices in order to remain sensitive to the ongoing crisis.

At The PR Boutique, we have helped our clients adapt to the current environment by planning and adjusting PR messaging. Additionally, we are working to adjust our own PR messaging and internal business practices. Here are some helpful tips we have learned throughout this process:

Adjust PR messaging to fit the current environment

It is important to remain sensitive to the events happening by altering PR messaging that is released to the public. The content we share with the media, and on social media platforms, is now heavily analyzed as fear, surrounding the pandemic, grows. Customers rely on businesses and their PR teams to share the steps they are taking to follow social distancing guidelines. It provides an added layer of comfort to customers. Therefore, restaurants should highlight both their dine-in and take-out options. This allows them to speak to audiences who are comfortable dining in and those who would rather take their food home. We work with our clients through social media management to keep their content updated and responsive.

Make an effort to stay connected internally  

Aside from adapting PR messaging, staying connected with employees internally is necessary during a pandemic. This is helpful for asking questions, brainstorming ideas, relaying important information and making sure everyone is on the same page. Having weekly or twice-weekly Zoom or conference calls is a great way to keep everyone connected and conversations going. Additionally, employers should remain transparent about what is going on within the company just as they would for in-person meetings.

Prepare for digital interviews with media

Local and national news stations quickly adapted to broadcasting during the pandemic. They began filming from basements and living rooms to comply with social distancing and quarantine guidelines. This means that interviews are mostly virtual due to platforms like Skype and Zoom. Preparation for an interview via video chat can consist of the following:


Social Media Marketing: Building Your Voice through Engagement Related info

Description of Social Media Marketing: Building Your Voice through Engagement

Social Media Marketing: Building Your Voice through Engagement. At The PR Boutique, we have helped our clients adapt to the current environment through strategi

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