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Market with Pinterest

Pinterest is the new social media darling on the web, but do you know how to start market with Pinterest?

Should your business even be using Pinterest?

To find out, follow these tips and tricks to get started with the newest social site that has the potential to drive enormous amounts of traffic and increase brand awareness.

Great for Lifestyle Brands

Pinterest is an excellent source for lifestyle brands that want to showcase their goods with a personal and authentic touch to their customer outreach.

Curating beautiful images from around the web into mood boards can inspire your fans and allow them to see new ways of integrating your products into their lifestyles.

The huge female user base that Pinterest has developed means brands focusing on fashion, beauty, and home décor have an especially good chance of their products spreading like wildfire from the overwhelming popularity of these topics.

Pinterest Etiquette

It is good Pinterest etiquette to not just pin self-promotional images.

Ideally, followers want to see stimulating images from a variety of sources. For lifestyle brands, think of it as inspiring your fans and community with the type of lifestyle that your brand represents.

For instance, if your brand sells cocktail dresses, create boards for shoes, makeup, and hair that may complete the look. Source images from brands that compliment your own business. Brainstorm what products would be appealing to your target consumer in addition to the ones you offer.

Optimize Images

The key to getting Pinterest right means optimizing your photos so they can be found and shared.

Be sure to use high-quality images that are tall, not wide.

Pinterest has a tendency to shrink wide photos.

Also be sure your images are properly credited when they aren’t yours. Descriptive keywords are crucial when describing your pins. This helps them get discovered when users search.

Advertise Your Presence

Once your Pinterest account is set up, don’t forget to advertise it on your website.

Additionally, add a ‘pin it’ button so that others may pin images from your website. A quick tip to get noticed on Pinterest is to re-pin popular images (those with a lot of likes and re-pins).

Ideally, you should source your images from other pinners and from around the web. If you own the images, Pinterest also gives the option of uploading images directly from your hard drive.

The higher traffic and brand exposure that comes from Pinterest for visually oriented brands may make it the best new social site in your arsenal. Follow these guidelines, and you will be well on your way to pinning success.


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Tales from the Travels – Houston TX. Pinterest is the new social media darling on the web. Do you know how to market with Pinterest?

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