To Be a PR Rockstar, Create a Rockstar - Public Relations
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To Be a PR Rockstar, Create a Rockstar – Public Relations

As COVID-19 continues to reshape our daily lives, business owners must consistently pursue creative and effective ways to reach their audiences. A great way to do so is to host one-of-a-kind virtual events to keep clients or potential customers engaged with your brand. Depending on your business’s industry, different events may be more effective and organic than others, however, there are several key elements that are a necessary part of a successful event. Below are a few things to consider when planning your next virtual event.

Who’s Your Host?

Any good event planner knows that a good host is a key ingredient for a successful event and virtual events are no exception. Entice your audience by bringing on an A-list host to lead your event. Not only is this a great way to ensure participation, but it’s also a great way to generate buzz around your event. 

Let’s Talk About Tech

Regardless of how many run-throughs or practice drills you do beforehand, something is bound to glitch during or the day-of your event. Before the big day comes, be sure your team is well-versed in all aspects of the video platform you are using as well as any troubleshooting techniques to utilize during the event. 

Engagement is KEY

The way your audience engages during the event may look different depending on the source you use to host your virtual event. For example, a live IGTV event allows the audience and hosts to directly engage with viewers in real time by responding to questions scrolling on the screen. However, a Zoom event might be better formatted to host a Q&A after the presentation. Regardless of the format, engagement with the audience is key. You don’t want to leave viewers hanging with questions or uncertainties about your brand. 

Virtual Swag Is Still Swag

The great thing about hosting a virtual event is that your swag items do not need to be physical objects with hard costs attached to them. Instead, look at your virtual event swag as an opportunity to encourage participants to shop your online store or connect further with the brand. A couple of great options are a unique discount code or exclusive tidbits of knowledge such as a “secret” ingredient or technique. By sharing this information, your participants will instantly feel in the know and more deeply connected to your brand and products. Oh, and of course, they’ll want to tell their friends. 

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