Is it time to hire a publicist

Is It Time To Hire A Publicist?

 Whether you are a new business seeking to boost brand awareness and generate buzz or a company that needs to take a campaign to the next level, you may be facing the question, “is it time to hire a publicist?” A publicist can help boost a business in a multitude of areas such as media relations, community outreach, reputation management, event planning and social media management. Below is some insight to help guide you in answering the question: “Is it time to hire a publicist?”
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The PR Boutique

A PR Boutique publicist takes the time to formulate achievable goals with their clients. For example: landing an editorial feature in a specific publication, securing media coverage on a national level or generating brand awareness through influencer partnerships. A publicist invests time in creating lasting relationships with key media contacts, local influencers and community organizations. It is beneficial when hiring a publicist to create a connection between your business and news assignment directors, news anchors, bloggers, influencers, editors, radio hosts and producers. They know how to craft a brand’s message, formulate a strategic media pitch, deliver an alluring yet informative press release to catch the media’s attention and most importantly, secure coverage.

When wondering if it is time to hire a publicist it is also important to recognize what content or story your brand has to offer. Once content is established and a marketing strategy is in place a publicist is the final piece of the promotional puzzle. A publicist will create a company’s electronic press kit and establish a strategic timeline of segmented media pitches to ensure your business receives proper media coverage. A PR Boutique publicist will not only help promote your brand and generate publicity, but also help discover target audiences, generate a following and foster community relationships.

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Is it time to hire a publicist?