Ready to hire a publicist?

Many companies and individuals reach a point in their career when they are ready to pull the trigger and hire a publicist. How does one know when it is the right time?  The following three exercises can help you determine if you are ready to hire a publicist.

  1. You Have News To Report: Ask yourself if you have newsworthy information to release to the public. Are you opening a restaurant or hotel?  Do you have a new book to launch or art exhibition to promote?   Are you developing a new hotel or master planned community?   If the answer is yes, then you have news to report and it is time to consider hiring a publicist.  Keep in mind that media don’t want to report “old news.” For this reason, timing is essential. You want to hire a public relations specialist prior to opening a restaurant, development, hotel or new boutique.


  1. You Have A Budget: Once you determine that you have news to promote then you should set aside a public relations a budget.  Publicists often work from a monthly retainer fee depending on hours spent. A good public relations firm can help you determine a three-month, six-month or annual budget.


  1. You Are Ready To Have And Open Line of Communication: It’s important to manage expectations when working with a public relations firm. Your publicist is an extension of your company and brand.  It is essential to make your publicist aware of company happenings that can generate positive news as well as negative news.  You don’t want your publicist to be blindsided.  Your publicist will advise you on the best way to present your message, good or bad, to the public.