Social Media Metrics

Social media metrics (Impressions vs Reach, 2019)

Social media impressions and social media reach are two phrases that are often thrown around when it comes to social media metrics. Learning the difference between the two and knowing when to measure which will help set your content apart.

Social media metrics: The difference between reach and impressions

Reach means the number of people who have seen your content while impressions are the number of times your content is displayed. Impressions will always be greater than or at least equal to reach. One customer can have multiple impressions with the same piece of content, while reach measures the number of unique customers. If your reach equals four then your impressions are at least four. If each person saw your content twice your reach would remain four; your impressions would grow to eight.

Measuring reach

Reach is one of the most important social media metrics. Reach refers to the total number of unique users that have seen a piece of content.

Followers and reach are not the same thing, not all of your followers will see your content and some people may see your content that do not follow you. Measuring reach helps you optimize your content and work on improving your organic reach. An increase in reach means your audience is growing or more people are seeing your content.

Measuring impressions

Impressions are also a vital social media metric. Impressions measure the total number of times the content appears on someone’s screen.

One user could see the same post three times in their feed throughout the duration of the campaign. That counts as three impressions.

Impressions help measure effective frequency, the number of times someone sees a brand before they interact with it. An increase in impressions can increase audience interaction.

Why social media metrics are important

Knowing how to manage impressions and reach will help in increasing audience growth and overall brand awareness, which is our goal at The PR Boutique.

An increase in impressions doesn’t necessarily mean your audience is growing. The same people could be seeing your content again and again. Look at your reach when you want to measure growth. Look at reach and impressions when it comes to measuring your brand awareness.