A Social Science

In today’s social-media-obsessed world, businesses strive to be mentioned, liked, favorited, retweeted, followed and pinned just to stay relevant.

Marketing brands through social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook is vital for a business to stay connected to the consumer. Many of our Houston and Austin public relations clients look to us to plan and implement their social media campaigns.

There is an art to each social media platform. Here, we break down a few tips and tricks for Houston and Austin brands to brave the always-evolving social media terrain.


The most important part of Pinterest is timing. The pins that get the most likes and repins are those that relate to an upcoming holiday, new trend or seasonal event. For example, a post about easy lunch box ideas for kids, could gain great momentum in July and August when parents are in back-to-school mode.


Before you post, always consider the following question. How does this relate to people in real time? Will they appreciate your timing and/or deem it applicable to their lifestyle? And remember – you cannot please all of your followers each time you post. Instead, focus on what would benefit and interest your greatest number of followers.


One of the newest members of the social media family, Instagram, has gained popularity very quickly. In order to be successful with Instagram, you must remember what sets it apart from other social media platforms. A single picture is all it takes for another Instagram user to decide that you are worth their “follow”. Instagram is most often used as a mobile application providing an “on-the-go” tool, to show followers what happens behind the scenes of your business. It’s a new and unique approach to public relations.


The leader of the social media revolution, Facebook has more than 1 billion users today. In order to make sure some of these users “Like” your page, follow the 80/20 rule.  Nearly 80 percent of the content you publish should provide value to your followers and no more than 20 percent should be promotional content.


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