What a Top PR Agency can do to deal with Covid this 2020?

What a Top PR Agency can do to deal with Covid this 2020?

What a Top PR Agency Can Do to Deal with COVID this 2020?


What a Top PR Agency Can Do to Deal with COVID this 2020? When COVID-19 sent the entire world to a screeching halt, no one knew what to expect. Everyone wished at Midnight on New Years for 2020 to bring happiness, success, and adventure. What we got was a stay at home order, children learning online, parents becoming teachers, millions out of jobs, hospitals without protective equipment, family and friends becoming ill, and businesses big and small closing down with no end in sight.



What a Top PR Agency Can Do to Deal with COVID this 2020?


COVID-19 Caused Chaos


Trying to adapt to this new way of life proved difficult. It sent many companies into panic mode because they now had to reconfigure their entire infrastructure centered around a virus and social distancing.  


Cutting costs and laying off employees was the tip of the iceberg for many. Trying to meet deadlines and balance budgets while maintaining market share in their sector and retaining customers was the rest of the iceberg lurked underneath the frigid waters. 


When National Geographic Kids tasked The PR Boutique with creating a one of a kind experience for their “Weird but True” town event in Austin, Texas, the team hit the ground running. The event went off without a hitch. However, if the event was held in 2020, it would have looked significantly different. 


Now that events are almost entirely virtual and companies are utilizing their online resources more frequently, navigating through those waters can be difficult.

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How Public Relations Firms Can Help During COVID-19


Fortunately, for these struggling companies, there is a guiding light reaching out to lend a hand. This guiding light is known as Public Relations Firms.  


The main goal of Public Relations or “PR” agencies is to create a positive connection between a business and its target markets. Losing the ability of in-person events, shopping in stores, and going anywhere with a large group of people created a new challenge that Top PR firms were ready to tackle. Staying relevant during these times is crucial to the survival of any company that can’t let their customers through the doors. 


When looking at where to save money and resources in your company, don’t count out your PR firm because these are some ways they can help keep your company at the top.

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Focusing On Your Community


What a Top PR Agency can do to deal with Covid this 2020?
What a Top PR Agency can do to deal with Covid this 2020?

COVID-19 kept everyone at least 6 feet apart but also brought everyone together. Supporting local businesses became a way of life during the pandemic. For instance, even though restaurants were not allowing guests to “eat-in,” people started ordering out from them to keep them open. 


PR agencies in 2020 can help build those relationships online between customers and local businesses by optimizing websites, social media, and online advertising. PR Firms will analyze the customer base and create an organic need for a service or product, 100% online.


PR Firms can also help create partnerships between local businesses to develop a community of support that feeds off of one another in terms of consumers.


Support Local, Hire Local


Just as important as it is to connect with your local customers, it is crucial to utilize the small businesses and services right in your hometown.  


As a small but mighty Texas PR Firm, The PR Boutique prides itself on building partnerships and connecting local businesses and media. With PR Firms in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, they can represent their clients in the only way a Texan can, BIG. Being stronger together is worth more than standing alone, especially during these unknown times. They bring the alternative to large firms because they can develop personalized and unique and strategic plans.


Overhauling Your Online Presence


Social Media EXPLODED when quarantine started. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media became the way of life and connecting to the outside world.  


Tik Tok, in particular, saw a massive rise in users and went viral. Companies saw this and took advantage by creating ad spots, gaining followers, and using influencers. 


Local Influencers Can Increase Your Followers


Social media influencers aren’t just celebrities selling weight loss teas; influencers are everyday people who have created an online presence based on their interests, experiences, or their simple daily lives. 


Influencers have followers that trust them and support their events, causes, and the products they promote. Every city has social influencers that can bring their followers to your business! As a Houston PR Firm, we connect our clients to local influencers to help create a buzz about your upcoming event. 


Host a (Virtual) Party

Gather your VIPs and throw a virtual shindig that’s one for the history books!  


  • Set up a campaign that helps local charities and get everyone dressed up for a fancy night “in” instead of “out.”  
  • Host a virtual wine tasting and fashion show on Facebook or Instagram Live.  
  • Do you have a craft business? Host an at-home DIY Night and sell the DIY boxes ready to go!
  • Make a series of YouTube videos describing your products or services 


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Take a breath, and let the experts help!


Creating awareness for your brand, vision, and mission online during this COVID pandemic is crucial to the life of your business. Choosing a PR Firm that works for you and with you will help you generate leads and develop long-lasting relationships with your customers. With the help of top PR firms, when the pandemic finally ends, your business and community will be just as strong as ever!

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