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Regardless of whether your business is just getting off the ground or has been around for years, it’s always important to be active and recognized within your community. Our team of experts at The PR Boutique can help you navigate the many community outreach opportunities available in your city and keep your name in front of mind amongst your neighbors and peers. Below are a few avenues to explore when seeking ways to become involved in your community.


Chamber of Commerce

Hosting a grand opening or hitting a major milestone? The PR Boutique can contact your local Chamber and elected officials to attend the event. Not only does this add excitement for your attendees, but it also tends to draw the attention of local media.


Pop-Up Events

Highlight your product or services offered by attending events throughout your community. This is also a great opportunity to collaborate with your neighbors and peers that are well-respected in your city. Using our long-standing relationships with community leaders, The PR Boutique can coordinate pop-up events around town to get you in front of your target demographic.


Exclusive Promotions / Swag

A great way to present your brand to your target demographic is by offering an exclusive promotion or swag to members of an organization. The PR Boutique can coordinate with these organizations to make sure that your brand is noticed during their upcoming event. Examples include arranging swag bags for attendees, e-blast promotions and more.


Media Drops

Catch the eye of your local media outlets by executing drops to key journalists or influencers. This can be a simple as creatively presented vouchers, a catered meal or exclusive samplings of new products. Not only is this a great introduction to your brand, but it also invites them to reach out for additional information or conduct an interview.


Interested in learning more about ways The PR Boutique can boost your community involvement? Visit our services page or call our team of experts today to begin your community outreach.


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What Does A PR Agency Do? – ThePRBoutique.com Austin TX. Our team of experts can navigate the many community outreach opportunities available and keep yo

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