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Social media is a powerful marketing tool, that with a little practice, can easily be mastered to launch your brand into the world’s view. With so many platforms and strategy options, it can difficult to navigate the waters of social media alone. We’ve gathered what we think are three key elements when tackling social media marketing for your business or brand. 


In the same way you prepare other aspects of your marketing plan, you need to create a strategy for the different platforms you intend to utilize. Each platform has different best practices for generating engagement, meaning you will most likely need to create platform-specific content and strategies. To get started, try answering the below questions, if you’re having a hard time answering, maybe you need to re-think your presence on that particular platform and focus your efforts on social media outlets that will generate results.

  • Why am I using this platform?
  • Who will I reach on this platform?
  • What type of posts works best on this platform?
  • How are my posts unique to this platform?
Be Consistent and Focus Your Messaging

Part of your social media marketing strategy should be to set a realistic expectation of how frequently or consistently you can or should post. Much of this comes down to how much quality content can you generate that will entice followers to engage. There is also the component of each platform’s algorithm and how that impacts your posting patterns. When using platforms such as Instagram Stories and Twitter, frequent, consistent, and quality posts are vital to your success. Other platforms such as static Instagram posts and Facebook do not require as much urgency and can be updated less frequently. 


The other key element of consistent content is having a focused message or voice. Before you being, make sure you understand who your audience is and what style of content will grab their attention and increase engagement rates. This is highly relevant when deciding which platform to post your content to. For example, something you share on Instagram or Twitter may not be appropriate or properly formatted for LinkedIn. 

Measure and Analyze Results

Once you have everything up and running, it’s important to begin tracking and measuring your results to ensure you are getting the most out of your social media marketing efforts. A great place to start is to clarify which metrics are important to you and your brand. Once established, these should be tracked on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis so you can accurately monitor growth or see when it’s time to update your strategy. Some key metrics to monitor include:

  • Reach and engagement for Facebook
  • Impressions, retweets, and mentions on Twitter
  • Clicks, impressions, and interactions on LinkedIn
  • Likes, comments, and mentions on Instagram 
  • Views and engagements on Instagram Stories

Too much on your plate to manage your brand’s social media outlets? Contact our team of experts to learn how we can help implement a strong social media marketing strategy and manage your accounts today.


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When To Hire A Publicist – San Antonio TX. It can difficult to navigate the waters of social media alone. We’ve gathered three key elements

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